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Program Descriptions
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Program Descriptions


All requirements for the Elementary Education program must be completed and five s.h. of Student Teaching-Elementary 0271 (Student Teaching in the Elementary School) must be in a Special Education placement. In addition, the following courses must be completed (for students admitted prior to July 1, 1999):

Special Education 23 s.h. 

  • 0310 Learning Environments 3 s.h. 
  • 0311 Managing Learning Environments 3 s.h. 
  • 0312 Methods and Curriculum 3 s.h. 
  • 0321 Social, Emotional, and Physical 
  • Development 3 s.h. 
  • 0322 Cognition, Language, and Literacy 3 s.h. 
  • 0390 Practicum 3 s.h. 
  • 0391 Student Teaching in Special 
  • Education 5 s.h. 
Note: A new sequence of courses for special education certification will be required for students admitted after July 1, 1999. Students should contact the Office of Student Services for specific details about these requirements.

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