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First Summers Research Initiative Opportunity





At Temple University, opportunity abounds for students and faculty to engage in research and creative work.  Because research is such a high priority at the university, a stimulating, supportive environment is fostered.  Not surprisingly, research thrives, and investigators are successful at all stages of their careers, even while enrolled as graduate students.


Central to the research agenda at Temple are the people, facilities, state-of-the-art equipment, and shared technical resources.  Many excellent faculty members already teach and engage in research at Temple.  They are being joined by other research-oriented faculty in a variety of fields of expertise.  The new faculty bring experience and interests that complement and extend the research capability of the existing faculty, thereby increasing Temple’s ability to compete for external grant funds.

In addition, updated facilities make it possible for Temple investigators to conduct cutting-edge research.  State-of-the-art laboratories for basic biomedical research, applied and clinical research, and social science research are key to their success.

Temple University’s comprehensive research agenda continues to expand.  Support for this expansion is offered by a University-wide infrastructure that encourages and assists faculty in all phases of their research.  For a more in-depth discussion, visit the website of the Office of Research Administration.