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  Academic Programs / Intercollegial Programs

Digital Media Technologies

Dr. Justin Y. Shi, Advisor

Wachman Hall, room 1036



Dr. Patrick Murphy, Advisor

Annenberg hall, room 205



The Digital Media Technologies Minor is a 21-23 semester hour interdisciplinary minor offered through the Department of Media Studies and Production (MSP) within the School of Media and Communication and the Computer and Information Sciences (CIS) Department within the College of Science and Technology. It is designed to expand students' knowledge of the information age and to empower them to understand how to communicate using emerging media and computer technologies. The ability to tell stories through emerging digital media technologies will be critically and analytically explored as students examine the science of those technologies. The algorithms of communicating via emergent technologies will be at the core of this minor. This program addresses serious gaps in the current curriculum because current students of media have little understanding of the science of digital media and fast evolving interactive web-based information sharing technologies.

The minor is available to undergraduate students in Media Studies and Production, Computer & Information Science, as well as other departments and colleges. Upon completion of the minor, students should be able to demonstrate the following competencies:

  1. Utilization of the hardware, software and technologies for integrating content for computers, the Internet, and mobile devices;
  2. Critical analysis of decisions made regarding the use of technology specifically in the social and ethical arenas;
  3. Understand the impact of current and emerging technologies locally and globally;
  4. Design and implementation of content for various media digitally;
  5. Ability to evaluate the science of technology as it impacts communications;
  6. Develop and refine presentation, analytical, problem solving and writing skills.

Transfer credits are not accepted for credit for the minor.

Students must receive the permission of their advisor before starting in this program. Minor credit is not given for BTMM grades below C. Students must maintain at least a 2.00 grade point average in the program for successful completion of the minor. Students with averages under 2.00 for more than two semesters will be dropped from the program. Students with averages under 2.00 may not begin the program.

Requirements for the minor in Digital Media Technologies are as follows:


Required (14 credits)
Subject Course # Course Title Hours
BTMM 1701 Introduction to Media Technology 3
CIS 1052 Introduction to Web Technology and Programming 4
CIS 1056 Advanced Web Technology and Programming 4
BTMM 2741 Introduction to Internet Studies and Web Authoring 3
Electives: Select Two (7 credits)*
Subject Course # Course Title Hours
BTMM 4741 Cybermedia Workshop 4
BTMM 4221 Information Technology Policy 3
BTMM 4252 Law and Ethics of Digital Media 4
BTMM 4541 Mobile Media 3
BTMM 4614 Creating a Media Business 4
CIS 2000+ CIS 2000+ level course * 3-4
Total     21-23


*Other requirements:

  • For MSP students, at least one (1) CIS elective is required.
  • For CIS students, at least one (1) BTMM elective is required.
  • For students of other backgrounds, at least one (1) BTMM and one (1) CIS elective are required.
  • All prerequisites must be completed or permission by instructor received to enroll in minor courses.
  • Example CIS Elective: CIS 2305 (Mobile Computing Technologies). This course accepts CIS 1052-1056 sequence as prerequisites.
  • Permitted Substitute Elective: Biology 3333
  • For students taking the Digital Media Technologies minor, 5 courses applied toward completion of minor requirements must be distinct from the major requirements. As such, additional electives will be accepted in place of courses that are listed for both the major and the minor. For MSP majors taking this minor, BTMM 2701 or 2751 will be accepted in place of the required BTMM 1701.
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