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Academic Programs / General Education

Analytical Reading & Writing (GW)

Requirement: One 4-credit hour course.

Writing Placement Exam. The Writing Placement Exam is required for all first-year students, transfer and non-matriculating students who have not successfully completed a credit-bearing, college-level composition course with a grade of C- or better.

The placement exam will indicate if the student should register for English 0701: Introduction to Academic Discourse, English 0802: Analytical Reading & Writing, or be exempted from the course.

This course should be taken as soon as possible—ideally in the first semester, but certainly in the first year.

Analytical Reading & Writing is intended to teach students how to:

  • Organize ideas in a coherent and logical manner;
  • Connect multiple texts through an issue or an idea;
  • Identify authors' key arguments;
  • Create and defend arguments of one's own; and
  • Demonstrate correct grammar, syntax and acknowledgment of sources.


Analytical Reading & Writing Courses

  • Analytical Reading & Writing
  • English as a Second Language (ESL) Analytical Reading & Writing
  • Honors Analytical Reading & Writing

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