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Accelerated Degree Programs

Temple University offers several Accelerated Degree Programs arranged between undergraduate and graduate or professional schools and colleges. Students apply separately to and must be accepted by both programs. The curricula of accelerated degree programs are not integrated, thus students must complete all curricular requirements of each program. However, the programs may allow special coordination of scheduling or allocation of electives. Upon successful completion of each component of the accelerated program, the student will receive the degree specific to that component. 

Students interested in the dental, medical, pharmacy, physical therapy or podiatry programs should contact Neida Perez in the Office of Pre-Professional Health Studies (www.temple.edu/healthadvising; e-mail: healthadvising@temple.edu; phone: 215-204-2513) as early in their academic career as possible to discuss eligibility, professional school applications and requirements to fulfill both the undergraduate and professional program requirements.

Below is a list of accelerated programs. Click on the program you are interested in to find more information.

4+1 Undergraduate/Graduate Accelerated Programs:

Eligible undergraduate students use up to 12 specified graduate credits approved by the school/college to fulfill requirements for their undergraduate degree.  Upon graduation from their undergraduate program, students move seamlessly into their graduate program, which they complete in one additional year.

Fox School of Business and Management

B.B.A. (Business Management or Marketing)/M.Ed.

College of Education

B.S.Ed. in Early Childhood Education/M.Ed in Special Education

College of Engineering

B.S./M.S. in Civil Engineering

B.S. in Civil Engineering/M.S. in Environmental Engineering

B.S./M.S. in Electrical Engineering

B.S. in Electrical Engineering with Computer Engineering Concentration/M.S. in Electrical Engineering

B.S./M.S. in Mechanical Engineering

B.S. in Mechanical Engineering with Bioengineering Concentration/M.S. in BioEngineering

B.S.E.T. in Construction Management Technology/M.S. in Civil Engineering

College of Liberal Arts

B.A./M.Ed. in English

B.A./M.Ed. in Foreign Languages

B.A./M.Ed. in Geography & Urban Studies

B.A./M.Ed. in History

College of Science and Technology

B.A/M.Ed. in Biology

B.S./M.Ed. in Biology

B.A./M.A. in Chemistry

B.S./M.A. in Chemistry

B.A./M.Ed. in Chemistry

B.A. in Computer Science/M.S. in Information Science & Technology

B.S./M.S. in Computer Science

B.S. in Computer Science/M.S. in Information Science & Technology

B.A./M.S. in Information Science & Technology

B.S./M.S. in Information Science & Technology

B.A./M.Ed. in Geology

B.S./M.Ed. in Geology

B.A./M.A. in Mathematics

B.S./M.A. in Mathematics

B.A/M.Ed. in Mathematics

B.S./M.Ed. in Mathematics

B.A./M.A. in Physics

B.S./M.A. in Physics

B.A/M.Ed. in Physics

B.S./M.Ed. in Physics


3+2, 3+3, 3+4 Undergraduate/Professional Accelerated Programs

3+2 B.S./M.S. for International Students

3+4 Dental Program (B.A./D.M.D.)

  • Biology + Dental
  • Chemistry + Dental
  • Computer Science + Dental
  • Geology + Dental
  • Information Science & Technology + Dental
  • Mathematics + Dental
  • Natural Science + Dental
  • Physics + Dental

3+3 Law Program (B.B.A./J.D.)

  • Legal Studies + Law

3+3 Law Program (B.A./J.D.)

  • Any CLA major + Law

3+4 Medical Program (B.A./M.D.)

  • Biology + Medical
  • Chemistry + Medical
  • Computer Science + Medical
  • Geology + Medical
  • Information Science & Technology + Medical
  • Mathematics + Medical
  • Natural Science + Medical

3+4 Pharmacy Program (B.A./Pharm.D.)

  • Biology + Pharmacy
  • Chemistry + Pharmacy
  • Computer Science + Pharmacy
  • Geology + Pharmacy
  • Information Science & Technology + Pharmacy
  • Mathematics + Pharmacy
  • Natural Science + Pharmacy
  • Physics + Pharmacy

3+3 Physical Therapy Program (B.S./D.P.T.)

  • Kinesiology + Physical Therapy

3+3 Physical Therapy Program (B.A./D.P.T.)

  • Biology + Physical Therapy
  • Chemistry + Physical Therapy
  • Computer Science + Physical Therapy
  • Geology + Physical Therapy
  • Information Science & Technology + Physical Therapy
  • Mathematics + Physical Therapy
  • Natural Science + Physical Therapy

3+4 Podiatry Program (B.A./D.P.M.)

  • Biology + Podiatry
  • Chemistry + Podiatry
  • Computer Science + Podiatry
  • Geology + Podiatry
  • Information Science & Technology + Podiatry
  • Mathematics + Podiatry
  • Natural Science + Podiatry
  • Physics + Podiatry


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