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Confidential Document Destruction Options

This information is provided in support of the University's policy on Information Security. As custodians of restricted information, employees have an obligation to ensure that all records pertaining to faculty, staff, or students remain strictly confidential and that they be properly disposed of consistent with Federal and State regulations, and University policy.

This web page is not intended to provide policy specifics on how long records must be retained, but rather outlines the three options that are available for the proper disposal of such information. Departments should continue to follow procedures previously established by the University Privacy Officer.

Please note that there are advantages and disadvantages associated with each of the document destruction options listed below. Departmental shredding is initially a cheaper alternative, however, the department must also consider the time it takes to manually shred the material as well as bagging and removing the waste. Shredding in-house reduces the chance of a security breach because files can be disposed of immediately as needed, rather than retained for a service to shred. On-site commercial shredding service is advantageous for large constant volumes of material.

1. Departmental Shredding

This option is recommended when certification of destruction is not required and:

a) Low volume of documents over an extended period of time
b) Immediate, proprietary and/or daily destruction is required

For recommendations on specific shredder models, as well as pricing, please visit the Temple University Purchasing Office website.

When a department requires periodic bulk document destruction, prior arrangements can be made with PROSHRED Services or OFM’s Recycling Office.

2. On-Site Commercial Shredding

This option is recommended when certification of destruction is required and the volume is not practical to handle with small office/personal shredding machines and the amount of documents is constant not periodic. PROSHRED Security is Temple University's current vendor under contract, and is "ISO 9001:2000 Certified" by International Standards Organization and will come on campus to shred your documents and provide you with a certificate of destruction.

Procedures for engaging PROSHRED:
a) Departments must individually contract PROSHRED Services, and the department P-Card holder contact PROSHRED directly to set up service and payment.

b) Contact Proshred one week prior to Bulk pick-up and obtain a price quote:
Contact Lindsey Dunn at PROSHRED for a free consultation. Lindsey can be reached at 484-323-2100 or e-mail lindsey.dunn@proshred.com

c) You will need to specify number of consoles and frequency of pick-up (weekly, bi-weekly or monthly). PROSHRED will invoice monthly. PROSHRED can automatically debit your P-CARD each month. If the price quote is $2000.00 or less use your P-Card. If price quote is over $2000, issue a workflow requisition to Purchasing. Please attach quotation from Proshred that details date of Bulk pickup and cost associated with the service.

The cost for PROSHRED services is $8.00 per pick-up for each Security Console. PROSHRED will be on Temple’s Campus every Tuesday.

For the most current procedures as well as pricing, please visit the Temple University Purchasing Office website.

3. Bulk document removal through Office of Facilities Management

Office of Facilities Management Recycling Office option is available to departments when certification of destruction is required and the volume is not practical or cost effective to be handled with office shredding machines or PROSHRED Commercial Services. Pick-ups will generally be scheduled for the first week of each month, except during major event seasons when an alternate time will be published.

Procedure for using Office of Facilities Management Recycling:

a) Complete and submit an OFM Work Order to the Office of Facilities Management, at 10th & Montgomery on Main Campus. Fax number 215-204-6787.

b) Secure each document container with strapping tape and label “Document Destruction Only”. Be sure to place these containers in a secure (locked) room, while they are waiting to be picked up.

The department will only incur the labor cost necessary to transport the items.

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