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Regulatory Affairs and Quality Assurance Graduate Program of Temple University School of Pharmacy

Spring 2018
Schedule Notes

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Registration for Spring 2018 courses is officially open. The RAQA Office is accepting registration forms from students via email, fax, or mail. Follow the instructions below.

Weekend courses start Jan 20. Weeknight courses start Jan 22.

To hold your spot in a class, please complete:

  • The correct registration form (traditional classroom and online Adobe Connect courses have different forms);
  • All required paperwork;
  • A state residency form (new students only, unless you moved from one state to another).

Submit materials via email ( or fax (267.468.8565).

The sooner you forward your materials, the better your chance of getting the class you want. Only complete registration forms hold a spot.  Forms are prioritized in the order received. 

Continuing Students
Please include your 9-digit TUid and TUmail on your registration form.
Sorry, but if you have financial or academic holds, we will not process or hold your registration, and you will lose your spot in line. Please take care of holds now.

New Students
If you register for online Adobe Connect courses you must include:

  • A signed resume;
  • Photocopies of transcripts from all colleges or universities attended;
  • A current, electronic (email) photo;
  • The password at the end of the online Adobe Connect tutorial;
  • International students must submit a photocopy of a WES report and TOEFL scores.

We will start processing registration forms on Tuesday, January 11. If your registration is processed January 11 or later, you should receive a tuition bill by late January. Payment in full will be due by the date indicated on your tuition bill (probably February 14). If you do not pay your bill by the designated due date, you will incur a $100 late fee.

The Temple Bursar's Office will send an email to your TUmail account about your tuition bill. To check the due date of your bill, go into Banner, click Student Account, then TUPay.

For questions about tuition bills, consult the Temple Bursar's Office.  Mail tuition payments to: Bursar's Office, Temple University Ambler, 580 Meetinghouse Rd, Ambler, PA 19002.

All RA and QA courses, regardless of format, require at least one proctored exam. Students are expected to take exams on the date designated on the RA and QA Schedule of Classes. 

Make sure you are able to attend classes and take the proctored exam on the stipulated date. There is a $20.00 charge the first time a student requests a change in the proctored exam date. The second time the fee increases to $30 per exam. Subsequent times the fee increases to $50.00 per exam. For more information on Proctoring and Fees for Changing Exam Dates, click here.

This schedule is subject to change.  Please hit Refresh when opening the RA and QA homepage. Many web browsers (Internet Explorer and Netscape) continue to show a cache or earlier version of a website from the first time you viewed the page.  You must hit Refresh to see updates.

We list required texts as a convenience to our students; however, it is always possible that instructors may change required texts, update the edition, or add a book. We suggest waiting until the first class meeting before purchasing texts. The RAQA Office is not responsible for refunds, returns, or shipping costs of texts for any reason such as instructors changing texts, a course is cancelled or changed, a student drops a course, or the listed instructor is changed.

You may purchase books from our Temple University Ambler Bookstore, (phone: 267.468.8460), which ships them directly to you.

Thank you for being a student in our renowned and innovative program. 
Welcome to the Spring 2018 Semester!

Entire Spring 2018 Schedule (traditional classroom and online offerings)

Schedule of On-campus Courses Only at Fort Washington

Non-Thesis MS Schedule of Courses

Online Courses

Weekend On-Campus Courses at Fort Washington

Electronic Registration Form for Traditional Classroom Courses Only

Registration Form (hard copy) for Traditional Classroom Courses

Registration Form for Online Courses

We have changed our name from Quality Assurance/Regulatory Affairs (QA/RA) to the Regulatory Affairs and Quality Assurance Graduate Program (RA and QA) due to Search Engine issues.


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