KRONOS Time and Attendance Application


Guiding Principles for the Kronos Project


The following guiding principles have been established for Kronos Time & Attendance system implementation:

  • Provide Temple University administration and staff, student workers, and work-study students with a centralized system for recording, reporting, and approving all employee time, attendance and leave activity. 
  • All Temple employees are required to use the Kronos system, except for TAUP and Law Faculty, Adjunct faculty, and graduate students receiving an assistantship, internship, or externship.
  • Employees that are paid by the hour will use the system to record hours worked and leave time.
  • Other employees will use the system to record leave time, at a minimum.
  • Provide a single time and attendance system to interface with both the current HRS payroll system, and the future Banner payroll system.
  • Ensure pay practices are consistent within each bargaining unit based on the union contract.
  • Allow each school, college and administrative department to determine and use the best method for recording time that best meets their needs and constraints.
  • By punching in and out at a Kronos time clock.
  • By punching in and out by use of the Kronos web based Employee module.
  • When approved in advance by the Human Resources department,, or by reporting their hours to a timekeeper in their department, for entry into the Kronos system.
  • Unless required by the supervisor, employees not eligible for overtime under the law, the system will be exception based, only requiring the recording of leave time (vacation, sick, etc.) 
  • Provide timely communications, training, and technical support for all new users. 
  • Complete the project on-time and on-budget.


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