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8300. Periodontal Case Presentations   (2 s.h.)


8301. Introduction to Postgraduate Periodontology   (2 s.h.)


8302. Biology and Pathology of the Periodontium   (2 s.h.)

Seminars reviewing the scientific literature on development, morphology, and physiology of periodontal tissues; histopathology of periodontal diseases; and current concepts on mechanisms of periodontal tissue destruction and repair. May be repeated for credit.

8306. Introduction to Oral Implantology   (1 s.h.)

Biologic basis for dental implants, including implant biomaterials and bioengineering, biology of bone healing, osseointegration, prosthetic and surgical considerations, implant maintenance, and etiology and management of implant complications.

8307. Advanced Periodontal Microbiology and Immunology   (1 s.h.)

Basic biology, methods of identification, pathogenic mechanisms, host inflammatory and immunological responses, and therapeutic implications of bacteria, yeasts, and viruses implicated as putative pathogens in human periodontal diseases.

8309. Clinical Oral Implantology   (2 s.h.)


8310. Classic Periodontal Literature Review   (2 s.h.)


8313. Conscious Sedation   (2 s.h.)


8320. Current Periodontal Literature Review   (1 s.h.)

Critical review of selected recent basic science and clinical research review papers pertinent to periodontology. May be repeated for credit.

8340. Oral Implantology Literature Review   (2 s.h.)

Study and critical review of basic science and clinical scientific literature on dental implants. May be repeated for credit.

8350. Combined Program Implantology Treatment   (2 s.h.)


9385. Clinical Periodontal Practice   (10 s.h.)


9387. Practice Teaching Periodontology  (2 s.h.)


9487. Oral Pathology Laboratory Rotation   (2 s.h.)

Participation and experience in microscopic examination and diagnosis of human oral tissues at the oral and maxillofacial pathology laboratory biopsy service at Temple University Hospital.

9991. Directed Research in Periodontology   (4 s.h.)

Development and conduct of a basic science or clinical research project or literature review pertinent to periodontology under faculty mentorship. May be repeated for credit.


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