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Disability Studies

5401. Disability Rights and Culture (3 s.h.)

This course provides a socio-historical survey of the political, economic, social and cultural relations between disabled and non-disabled society in America. Topics such as the social construction of disability and the changing experiences of persons with disabilities are discussed in the context of other civil rights movements and the broader evolution of social policy.

5402. Action Modes of Research (3 s.h.)

This course explores the foundations of collaborative and action research. There will be a strong focus on the sets of beliefs that lead to and underlay action research, and how these beliefs are different from traditional paradigms. Students will also work on the practical means by which those affected by research are included in its design. Readings and discussion will focus particularly on disabilities, but will also include considerations of gender, race, class and sexual orientation.

5403. Disability and Social Policy (3 s.h.)
(Cross-listed as Social Administration 0654)

This course examines public policy in the U.S.; particularly the influence of recent Congressional actions and judicial decisions in the areas of education, health care, human development, rehabilitation and employment of individuals with disabilities. Will examine the origins, goals and target populations for these policies and the extent to which policies are consistent with each other, and will assess the effectiveness of policies and the impact they have on people's real lives, including people with disabilities, family members and professionals.

5404. Health and Wellness for Persons with Disabilities (3 s.h.)
(Cross-listed as Therapeutic Recreation 0521)

This course is designed to introduce students to the meaning of health and wellness for individuals with disabilities. A biopsychosocial model will be used to examine the various dimensions of health. Students will examine the role(s) that theoretical understandings of health behaviors, societal values and systems, and demographic factors have in facilitating or inhibiting wellness. The course will also explore the supports people with disabilities may require in order to achieve and maintain health and wellness.

5405. Disability Studies in the Humanities (3 s.h.)

Interest in Disability Studies is exploding in the humanities disciplines. The focus and content of this course will depend upon the interests of faculty and graduate students. Possibilities include: Health and Disability in American History; Disability and Performance Studies; Disability in American Literature; Imaging Bodies World Film' Cross-Cultural Disability Studies.

5501.  Intro to Disability Studies (1 s.h.)

Only available to students who are research assistants and externs of the Institute on Disabilities.  Special authorization required.

9489. Field Work in Disability Studies (1-3 s.h.)

This course provides experiential learning in the experiences of persons with disabilities. Students are assigned to work with and be mentored by persons with disabilities and their families. Sites will be selected in collaboration with each student's development.