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Oral Biology

8011. Molecular Oral and Craniofacial Biology   (1 s.h.)

Basic concepts of physiology, biochemistry, and cell biology related to the oral cavity and craniofacial complex. Topics include connective tissue biology, the role of saliva in health and disease, muscle function, taste, smell, and other sensory functions, with emphasis on current research technology.

8012. Advanced Dental Pharmacology and Therapeutics   (1 s.h.)

Pharmacotherapeutics of drugs most often used in dentistry, with emphasis on mechanisms, interactions, and effects of drugs used in prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of oral diseases, and drugs used for systemic diseases that may influence the progression or management of oral diseases.

8013. Seminars in Oral and Craniofacial Biology   (1 s.h.)

Contemporary topics and research presentations on oral and craniofacial biology.

8014. Clinical Anatomy of the Head and Neck   (1 s.h.)

Growth and development of the head and neck in relation to general gross anatomy; surgical anatomy of the head and neck region with neuroanatomic studies of cranial nerve anatomy, function and pathology; temporomandibular joint structure, function and dysfunction.

8015. Research Methodology and Study Design   (1 s.h.)

Fundamental principles involved in planning, conducting, analyzing, and reporting of scientific research studies, including classification of study designs, hypothesis testing, clinical trial requirements, protocol and grant preparation, scientific writing, analysis and interpretation of data, and approaches to critical evaluation of the scientific literature.

8016. Advanced Oral Pathology   (1 s.h.)

Differential diagnosis and case-based problem solving for mucocutaneous, salivary gland, and osseous pathology of the oral and maxillofacial complex.

8017. Oral Microbiology and Immunology   (1 s.h.)

Study of microorganisms and host responses important in oral microbial ecology, oral infectious processes, and the pathogenesis of dental caries, periodontal diseases, dental implant infections, endodontic infections, oral mucosal lesions, and dental focal infections at non-oral body sites.

8018. Biostatistics   (1 s.h.)

Introduction to statistical analysis as it applies to biomedical research, including descriptive and inferential statistics. Topics include summarizing and displaying data, theory of measurements and distribution, significance testing, and basic concepts of probability and association.

8019. Advanced Oral and Maxillofacial Radiology   (1 s.h.)

Applications of digital dental radiography, panoramic radiology, tomographic imaging for dental implants, computed tomography (CT), and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI); differential interpretations of clinically significant oral and maxillofacial lesions.

9996. Master's Thesis in Oral Biology   (1-6 s.h.)

Limited to, and required of, M.S. in Oral Biology degree students with graduate program approval.

9991. Research in Oral Biology   (1-6 s.h.)

Limited to M.S. in Oral Biology degree students with graduate program approval.