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Management Science/Operations Management

Master's Level

5001. Managing Business Processes   (3 s.h.)

The "operations" function is the core of any organization, where inputs such as labor and technology are converted into goods and services. The course provides a survey of several diverse operations topics that are central to both the manufacturing and service sectors of the economy, such as forecasting, inventory control, quality management, production planning, and supply chain management. The emphasis of the course is to apply quantitative models to effectively design and control these operational systems. Software will be extensively used to support the operations analysis.

5107. Quality Improvement/Six Sigma  (3 s.h.)
Prerequisite: MSOM 5001 or equivalent.

Provides an outstanding opportunity to learn the basic concepts of improvement science, and to provide exposure to key tools used in the science and art of improvement.  The tools of quality and improvement science are explored, and the student is given an opportunity to practice with the tools. 

5108. Project Management   (3 s.h.)
Prerequisite: MSOM 405 or MSOM 500 or equivalent

Course follows a life cycle approach to managing projects, beginning with project initiation concerns and ending with project termination. Project planning and scheduling are given the most emphasis, making use of the PERT and CPM approaches. A course project is required.

5111. Applied Management Science   (3 s.h.)

Prerequisite: MSOM 405 or MSOM 500 or equivalent.

Uses Excel and Excel add-ins for building models that have proved useful in operations management, marketing,financial engineering, and microeonomic policy analysis. The course meets in a computer lab and students have hands-on expeience building, interpreting and using a range of models. Topics include decision models, optimization models and simulation models. Previously offered as MSOM 561.

5156. Logistics and Supply Chain Management: Tools, Strategy, and e-Business Issues   (3 s.h.)

Prerequisite: MSOM 405 or MSOM 500 or equivalent.

One objective of this course is to apprise students of the e-impact on supply chain management (SCM) and conversely, on how SCM is growing more important as more organizations embrace e-business. The overarching objective, though, is that through this introduction to and survey of the field, students learn what today's issues in logistics and SCM are and how they are treated. That is, I expect the students not only to grasp what typical logistics and SCM problem areas are, but also to become familiar and competent with some of the analysis tools that managers use to address these problems. This course will be taught on-line.

5175. Multi-Criteria Decision Analysis   (3 s.h.)

Prerequisite: MSOM 405 or MSOM 500 or equivalent.

Decision-making processes and techniques emphasizing that decision problems often possess conflicting criteria. Approaches to incorporating and resolving this conflict are presented.

5182. Independent Study   (1-6 s.h.)
Prerequisite: Approval of department.

Special study in a particular aspect of operations research, under direct supervision of a graduate faculty member. No more than six semester hours of independent study may be counted toward degree requirements.

5190. Special Topics- MSOM   (3 s.h.)

Content varies by semester.

5806. Managing Operations in the Enterprise   (3 s.h.)
Prerequisite: Limited to students matriculated in the Executive M.B.A. program.

In this course you'll study decision-making techniques applicable to operations in both service and manufacturing enterprises. You'll examine these techniques as they apply to both traditional organizations and those in the dynamic world of new technology and e-business. You'll apply these techniques in areas such as supply chains, quality management, capacity planning and resource allocation. You'll use software that will help you apply these techniques in course projects related to you workplace.


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