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Special Education

5501. Learning Environments   (3 s.h.)

Examination of the context in which exceptional persons learn. Consideration of the influence of multiculturalism, the family, school, social agencies, the media, courts, laws and forces such as inclusion as they affect the learning environment. (Inclusive School Practices.)

5511. Managing Learning Environments   (3 s.h.)

Provides students with the knowledge of a range of alternative management techniques appropriate for facilitating learning in classrooms, within families and in other environments. Multicultural aspects of learning environments are considered. (Inclusive School Practices.)

5512. Methods and Curriculum   (3 s.h.)

An introduction to the appropriate assessment and teaching of persons with disabilities at a variety of age levels. Particular emphasis placed upon the modification of the basic school curriculum. (Inclusive School Practices.)

5521. Issues in Social, Emotional, and Physical Development   (3 s.h.)

The nature, developmental problems, assessment, and educational intervention of physical, perceptual, motor, and socio-emotional problems are studied. Field application including observations, interviews, and trial interventions are required. (Inclusive School Practices.)

5522. Cognition, Language, and Literacy   (3 s.h.)

Deals with the following aspects of language and cognitive development: nature and theory, multicultural aspects, normal acquisition and development, problems in development, assessment and intervention strategies. An attempt is made to link theory and practice. (Inclusive School Practices.)

5611. Total Inclusion Seminar   (3 s.h.)

Course content focuses on inclusive practices in school, community, and employment settings for students with various degrees of disability.

5666. Inclusive School Practices   (3 s.h.)

School restructuring efforts that are occurring nationwide are examined and established practices to accommodating students with a range of abilities are discussed.

8701. Proseminar in Individual Differences   (3 s.h.)

8711. Seminar in Special Education Research   (3 s.h.)

Permission of the instructor required. A seminar on problems of research as applied to special education.

8741. Seminar in Exceptionalities   (6 s.h.)

Current trends, problems, and issues in special education, teacher education, research, and administration.

8742. Seminar in Exceptionalities   (6 s.h.)

Current trends, problems, and issues in special education, teacher education, research, and administration.

9187. Practicum in Special Education   (6 s.h.)

Prerequisite: Spec. Ed. 590, fall practicum for full-time students.

For education majors or non-education majors who have completed 590. Temple will place students at a site. One-half day of practice teaching, five days each week for the full semester.

9287. Practicum in Special Education   (6 s.h.)

Prerequisite: Spec Ed. 590, Spring practicum for full-time students.

Course description and prerequisites are the same as those for Special Ed. 591.

9387. Practicum in Special Education   (6 s.h.)

Full-time summer practicum. Temple provides the practicum site. Five full days (mornings and afternoons) of practice teaching each week for the full summer semester.

0400. Education and Psychology of Students with Disabilities   (3 s.h.)

Introductory course in Special Education. Emphasis upon psychological and educational factors relative to exceptional individuals including students labeled mentally retarded, emotionally disturbed, gifted, learning disabled, and sensory impaired. (Inclusive School Practices.)

0523. Advanced Methods and Curriculum for Persons with Disabilities   (3 s.h.)

Emphasis is placed on utilizing information gained in previous courses in determining assessment strategies as well as teaching methodology, techniques, and materials for the individual with disabilities. Specific learning characteristics and individual learning styles are considered. Practices that promote the full inclusion of students are emphasized. (Inclusive School Practices.)

0550. Disability Rights and Culture   (3 s.h.)

Course examines the history, legal, and legislative issues in disability rights and empowerment issues in the disabilities communities. (Inclusive School Practices.)

0561. Effective Collaboration in Inclusive School Settings   (3 s.h.)

For pre-referral and post-referral pupil assistance personnel to develop communication, collaboration, and consultative skills with classroom teachers and other team members. (Inclusive School Practices.)

0589. Research and Evaluation in Developmental Disabilities   (3 s.h.)

Students are introduced to current research practices, legislation, and evaluation procedures in the field of developmental disabilities. Focus will be policy-relevant and consumer satisfaction research. (Inclusive School Practices.)

0590. Practicum in Special Education   (6 s.h.)

Prerequisite: Prerequisite for students with no background in education.

Precedes Spec. Ed. 591-592 or 594. Offered during the academic year and the summer. One-half day practice teaching, five days each week when taken in the summer.

0601. Seminar in Special Education   (3 s.h.)

A seminar for advanced students to explore in-depth concepts involving persons with disabilities.

0642. Infants and Young Children with Disabilities: Issues, Theories, and Concepts   (3 s.h.)

Provides the student with knowledge of how the development of children with disabilities aged 0-6 takes place. Examines major intervention models and the assessment of infants and young children with disabilities.

0891. Internship in Administration and Supervision in Special Education   (3or6 s.h.)

Prerequisite: permission of instructor.

The student is assigned to an administrative experience with an administrator of special education. Specific competencies in administration and supervision are developed.

0893. Internship in Research in Special Education   (6 s.h.)

Prerequisite: completion of research concentration and permission of instructor.

The student is assigned to participate in special education research in a university, agency, or school having ongoing research activity. A full-time position with on-the-job supervision by Temple staff.

0989. Individual Problems in Special Education   (1-12 s.h.)

Maximum credit, 12 semester hours. Open by permission of the instructor. Intended to meet the needs of students who desire to undertake an individual investigation.

0997. Master's Thesis in Special Education   (6 s.h.)

0998. Master's Thesis in Special Education   (6 s.h.)


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