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5001. Contemporary Issues in Journalism   (4 s.h.)

This course examines the concepts and functions of journalism in American society. Students explore underlying values associated with journalism, relationships among journalism and other social institutions, and current issues facing journalists. Students will also examine the nature of journalistic content.

5002. News Reporting   (4 s.h.)

Prerequisite: admission to M.J. program or permission of the M.J. Director.

Accelerated, in-depth instruction in various forms of writing, nature of news, structuring news stories, style, information gathering, copy editing fundamentals, with emphasis on multimedia reporting.

5003. News Editing   (4 s.h.)

Prerequisite: JPRA 5002 or permission of the M.J. director.

Accelerated, in-depth, instruction in editing; editorial judgment; accuracy; headline writing; fundamentals of page makeup; use of illustrations, with empahsis on story and photo editing, print design, style and usage.

5004. Computer Assisted Reporting and Research   (4 s.h.)

Computer-based exploration of the Internet, World Wide Web, databases and on-line libraries to develop information gathering and presentation skills. Research approaches and data analysis emphasized.

5005. Communication Law   (4 s.h.)

Legal and philosophical study of government regulation of information transmission from 15th century to the present. Emphasis on legal descriptive research methods.

5101. Public Affairs Reporting   (4 s.h.)

Prerequisite: JPRA 5002 or permission of the M.J. director.

Instruction in feature writing and computer-assisted investigative reporting, primarily dealing with public affairs in the Philadelphia area. This course continues the mutlimedia reporting emphasis.

5121. Nonfiction Writing   (4 s.h.)

Prerequisite: JPRA 5002 or permission of the M.J. director.

Intended for graduate students who want to write non-fiction for a variety of publications and outlets. It will examine the styles of various writers and publications; development of ideas into saleable magazine articles for major periodical publications.

5131. Internet Web Publishing (4 s.h.)

An advanced course in Web journalism.

5151. Literary Writing in Journalism   (4 s.h.)
Prerequisite: JPRA 5002 or permission of MJ Director.

Writing in the increasingly popular narrative style of today's journalism. Style and techniques often associated with fiction are critically examined and applied. Related ethical issues discussed.

5201. The American Magazine   (4 s.h.)

Prerequisite: Permission of instructor.

Analysis of content, editorial policy and trends in American magazine journalism; discussion of publishing procedures; marketing, circulation, and advertising problems; reader research. Class project: create prototype issue of magazine, with prospectus, advertising, and promotional materials.

5211. Media Management   (4 s.h.)

Comparison of the organizational structures of news media; editorial content, advertising, circulation, and business aspects.

5221. Communication History   (4 s.h.)

Study of the technological and social development of communication systems from ancient to present times with emphasis on historical/descriptive research methods.

5700-5820. Seminars in Communication   (1-4 s.h.)

Special-topic courses in a broad range of communication areas including print and broadcast news, magazines, and new technologies.

5890. Seminars in Communication Abroad   (6 s.h.)

Summer seminar in London; study of British mass media including print and broadcast journalism, advertising, public relations, and film.