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International Business Administration

5501.   International Business: Theory and Practice  (3 s.h.)

This course covers the depth and breadth of the primary issues involved in conducting business in a dynamic global environment, from the points of view of academics and from practitioners.  Together, we explore the context necessary to understanding Globalization.  To understand the phenomenon of Globalization and the increasingly international scope of business, we will survey the major forces driving and conditioning that phenomenon.

5502.   International Marketing Management   (3 s.h.)

Identifying and analyzing worldwide marketing opportunities, and generating strategies for capitalizing on them. Impact of environmental differences on marketing strategies and customer response.

5536.  International Corporate Finance  (3 s.h.)

This course examines how the access and exposure to different currency, country and market environments can affect the financial and investment decisions of the firm.  The course extends closed-economy financial management to the international market environment.  Major topics include: (a) the relation between foreign exchange and other financial variables; (b) measurement and management of the exchange risk exposure of the firm; (c) international investment decisions by firms and investors; and (d) financing the global operations of firms. 

5582.  Independent Study  (1 to 6 s.h.)

5590. Special Topics: International Business  (3 s.h.)

9001. Theory International Business + Multinational   (3 s.h.)

9002. Research Methods International Business  (3 s.h.)


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