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Art Education

0401. Contemporary Issues in Art Education   (3 s.h.)

A seminar designed to examine some of the current literature in the field of Art Education together with its problems and the fundamental concepts derived from related disciplines.

0402. History of Art Education   (3 s.h.)

A historical and philosophical overview of art teaching traditions and beliefs in American schools, with special emphasis on the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries.

0406. Art Education Research   (3 s.h.)

Sessions arranged through consultation with the adviser. Examination of the traditional and current designs related to descriptive, empirical, and experimental studies. Carries a deferred grade (R) until research paper has been approved.

0483. Graduate Materials and Methods in Art   (3 s.h.)

Aims of art education as related to elementary and secondary curricula. A weekly school assignment in which the student both observes an art class and serves as an aide to the teacher.