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Master's Level

5001. Managerial Economics   (3 s.h.)

Examines the applications to problems confronting managers including pricing under different market structures, cost and technology, strategic decision making, theory of demand, and the economics of less than perfect information.

5101. Microeconomic Analysis   (3 s.h.)
Prerequisite: Economics 403 or Economics 500 (2005 version).

Microeconomic theory for graduate students with little or no preparation in economics. Detailed analysis of the behavior of households and firms in a variety of market settings.

5182. Independent Study  
Prerequisite: approval of the department..

Supervised individual reading and research projects for master's and PhD students. Depending on the type of project, work experience or practical training may be required. No more than six semester hours of independent study may be counted toward degree requirements.

5190. Special Topics-Economics  

5801. Economic Envronment of the Enterprise  

Your proficiency and confidence in solving real-world business problems will increase as you develop a deeper understanding of micro- and macroeconomic issues. In this course, you'll examine foundations of the economic behavior of enterprises and consumers in different market environments, such as open market, monopoly and oligopoly. You'll also analyze the impact of government fiscal, monetary and trade policies on business decisions and on economic measures such as GNP, employment, interest rates and exchange rates.


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