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Note:All Journalism majors beginning in Fall 2004 must complete the Journalism foundation courses in sequence: JOURN C055 Journalism and Society; JOURN 0150 Writing for Journalism; JOURN 0l51 Audio/Visual News Gathering; and JOURN 0152 Design for Journalists. Students must take Journ C055 and 0150 before registering for 0200 and 0300-level courses. Some students must take Journalism 0051 as a prerequisite or corequisite for Journalism 0150. Students must also take an advanced core: JOURN 0260 Electronic Information Gathering; JOURN 0382 Journalism and the Law; JOURN 335 History of Journalism or JOURN 0335 Critical Approaches to Journalism or JOURN 0336 Ethical Issues in Journalism as well as sequence electives.

0410. News Reporting   (4 s.h.)

Prerequisite: admission to M.J. program or permission of the M.J. Director.

Accelerated, in-depth instruction in various forms of writing, nature of news, structuring news stories, style, information gathering, copy editing fundamentals.

0411. News Editing   (4 s.h.)

Prerequisite: JPRA 410 or permission of the M.J. director.

Accelerated, in-depth, computer-based instruction in editing; editorial judgment; accuracy; headline writing; fundamentals of page makeup; use of illustrations.

0412. Public Affairs Reporting   (4 s.h.)

Prerequisite: JPRA 410 or permission of the M.J. director.

Instruction in feature writing and computer-assisted investigative reporting, primarily dealing with public affairs in the Philadelphia area.

0418. Literary Writing in Journalism   (4 s.h.)

Prerequisite: JPRA 410 or permission of MJ Director.

Writing in the increasingly popular narrative style of today's journalism. Style and techniques often associated with fiction are critically examined and applied. Related ethical issues discussed.

0421. Public Relations Concepts and Practice   (4 s.h.)

Concepts of public relations as a management function. Topics include societal trends and issues that affect public relations; communication with various publics, including the media, employees, community, government, and shareholders; and public relations practices in corporations, not-for-profits and agencies.

0423. Writing for Business and Public Relations   (4 s.h.)

Prerequisite: JPRA 410 or permission of instructor.

Basic principles of writing clearly and effectively for business and public relations activities. Topics covered include news releases, reports, speeches, annual reports, and managing others to produce such work.

0424. Public Relations -Case Problems and Management   (4 s.h.)

Prerequisite: JPRA 421 or permission of instructor.

A case-method approach to the management of public relations. Critical analysis of successful and unsuccessful public relations concepts, campaigns, and case problems. Class discussions and assignments center on practical applications of public relations practices.

0431. Nonfiction Writing   (4 s.h.)

Prerequisite: JPRA 410 or permission of the M.J. director.

Intended for graduate students who want to write non-fiction for a variety of publications and outlets. It will examine the styles of various writers and publications; development of ideas into saleable magazine articles for major periodical publications; marketing; and book publishing, including selecting a publisher and preparing a book proposal.

0432. The American Magazine   (4 s.h.)

Prerequisite: Permission of instructor.

Analysis of content, editorial policy and trends in American magazine journalism; discussion of publishing procedures; marketing, circulation, and advertising problems; reader research.

0433. Short Story Writing   (4 s.h.)

Prerequisite: JPRA 410 or permission of instructor.

Experience in writing the short story, with a slant to writing for available markets. Combined lecture and workshop approach. Attention to the use of short story techniques in writing nonfiction. Also, analyses of classical and modern short fiction.

0434. Introduction to Broadcast News   (4 s.h.)

Prerequisite: JPRA 410 or permission of instructor.

The development of reporting and writing skills for radio and television broadcast; consideration of how principles can be applied in other settings, such as public relations and the non-profit sector.

0460. Electronic Information Gathering and Presentation   (4 s.h.)

Computer-based exploration of the Internet, World Wide Web, databases and on-line libraries to develop information gathering and presentation skills. Research approaches and data analysis emphasized.

0481. Magazine Editing   (4 s.h.)

Prerequisite: JPRA 431 or permission of instructor.

In-depth instruction in editing processes: issue planning, assignments and negotiations, acquisitions, manuscript preparation, page design, rights and permissions, projecting editorial focus, effective budget management.

0495. Writing Humor   (4 s.h.)

Prerequisite: JPRA 410 or permission of instructor.

Attention to all forms of humor writing, with the goal of developing style applicable to various genres and disciplines. Assignments will include short anecdotal humor, columns, fiction, and nonfiction. Students will write for publication.

0511. Advertising and Public Relations Research   (4 s.h.)

Types and methods of research used in advertising and public relations. Includes media research, product research, market research, consumer research, opinion research, and campaign testing.

0518. Contemporary Issues in Journalism   (4 s.h.)

Intensive study of topical and serious problems facing today's media. Topics announced in advance of semester, but course will include media-performance crises involving breaking news stories that develop during a semester.

0585. Media Management   (4 s.h.)

Comparison of the organizational structures of news media; editorial content, advertising, circulation, and business aspects.

0605. Seminar: Public Relations   (4 s.h.)

Prerequisite: JPRA 421 or permission of instructor.

Special topics in public relations theory and practice.

0621. Communication History   (4 s.h.)

Cross-listed with MM&C 621. Study of the technological and social development of communication systems from ancient to present times with emphasis on historical/descriptive research methods.

0622. Communication Law   (4 s.h.)

Cross-listed with MM&C 622. Legal and philosophical study of government regulation of information transmission from 15th century to the present. Emphasis on legal descriptive research methods.

0661. Seminar: Advertising Problems   (4 s.h.)

A case-method approach to solving advertising problems, e.g., those involving creative, media, campaign, and management strategies. Focuses on oral and written analyses of both actual and simulated case problems in advertising.

0800-0860. Seminars in Communication   (1-4 s.h.)

Special-topic courses in a broad range of communication areas including print and broadcast news, magazines, public relations, advertising, and new technologies.

0841. Seminars in Communication Abroad   (6 s.h.)

Summer seminar in London; study of British mass media including print and broadcast journalism, advertising, public relations, and film.

0951. Directed Readings   (1-4 s.h.)

0960. Directed Lab Projects in Communication   (1-8 s.h.)

Tutorial course where use of photo or computer lab, video editing facility or broadcast studio required. A specific faculty member must agree to serve as supervisor before the student registers. Special form needed.

0961. Directed Projects   (1-8 s.h.)

Faculty-supervised independent study in applied communication fields; includes internships.