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0414. Internship in the Teaching of Spanish   (3 s.h.)

Pedagogical theory and practicum for teaching assistants, including reading, directed observation and teaching of language classes. Required for all new teaching assistants.

0430. Literary Criticism   (3 s.h.)

An overview of critical theories and schools of thought in literary criticism.

0441. Spanish Phonology and Morphology   (3 s.h.)

Advanced theoretical and applied study of the sound system and of the morphological system of present day Spanish, and of their relationships to each other.

0442. Syntax   (3 s.h.)

Advanced theoretical study of present day Spanish syntax with special attention to problems of description.

0443. Hispanic Dialectology   (3 s.h.)

The linguistic geography of Spain and Spanish America. Dialect dictionaries and grammars. Attention given to both historical and contemporary perspectives.

0444. Seminar in the Spanish Language   (3 s.h.)

Selected problems in the field of Spanish language and linguistics using a contemporary analytical and/or historical approach.

0447. Contrastive Analysis   (3 s.h.)

A comparison of the sound, word, and sentence patterns of Spanish and English.

0450. Medieval Masterpieces   (3 s.h.)

An in-depth study of the canonical works of the Spanish Middle Ages: the Libro de Buen Amor, Conde Lucanor and others.

0451. Seminar in Medieval Literature   (3 s.h.)

Study of the strategies of literary composition in Medieval texts. Attention given to the context of Medieval society.

0453. Spanish Epics and Ballads   (3 s.h.)

The origins, evolution, and transmission of the epic and romance.

0455. Seminar in the Renaissance   (3 s.h.)

An analysis of works and authors that represent the Renaissance including the perspective encountered in the transition between the Middle Ages and the Renaissance.

0559. Cervantes   (3 s.h.)

Study of the Quijote with the possible inclusion of novelas ejemplares, theater, and other works.

0660. Spanish Contemporary Thought   (3 s.h.)

Major essayists: Unamuno and Ortega, and their assessments of Cervantine fiction; Ayala`s views the of Spanish Baroque.

0666. Seminar in Nineteenth Century Spanish Literature   (3 s.h.)

Treatment of a major figure or figures, or genre in nineteenth-century Spanish literature.

0667. Seminar in 20th Century Spanish Literature   (3 s.h.)

In-depth study of the most significant authors of the 20th century in Spain.

0700. The Art of Translation   (3 s.h.)

An advanced course on the strategies of translating literary texts from Spanish to English, including practice and practical orientation.

0720. Puerto Rican Literature I   (3s.h s.h.)

Topics and authors in Puerto Rican literature.

0730. Spanish Phonetics   (3 s.h.)

An articulatory study of the sounds of Spanish with attention to regional variation and comparisons with English.

0731. Grammatical Structure of Spanish I.   (3 s.h.)

Concepts and procedures of linguistic description applied to sounds, word formation, syntax and semantics of the Spanish language.

0733. Spanish Applied Linguistics   (3 s.h.)

A linguistic approach to language learning and teaching, including theory and descriptive analysis.

0734. History of the Spanish Language   (3 s.h.)

A study of critical developments in the linguistic and social history of Spanish.

0735. Spanish Sociolinguistics   (3 s.h.)

Concepts and methods in sociolinguistic research as applied to the study of variation and change in the Spanish language.

0741. Survey in Spanish American Lit II   (3 s.h.)

A study of a selected movement or of a particular period or periods of Spanish American Literature.

0742. Spanish-American Short Story   (3 s.h.)

The nature and development of the Spanish-American short story from a contemporary or historical perspective.

0743. Spanish American Novel   (3 s.h.)

Course devoted to the in-depth study of Spanish American narrative texts.

0744. Contemporary Spanish-American Fiction   (3 s.h.)

Selected topics and themes in contemporary Spanish-American fiction.

0745. National Literatures of Spanish America   (3 s.h.)

Study of the literature of a particular country of Latinoamerica.

0746. Latin American Poetry   (3 s.h.)

A study of trends in Latin American poetry from pre-Hispanic times to the present.

0751. Latin American Literature of Social Conflict   (3 s.h.)

Analysis of class, ethnic, gender, religious and other social conflicts in Latin American literature.

0760. Medieval Spanish Texts   (3 s.h.)

An introduction to the study of Medieval Spanish texts, with a focus on manuscripts as linguistics, literary, and cultural documents.

0761. Survey in Spanish Lit II   (3 s.h.)

Course devoted to an exhaustive analysis of a particular topic in a period or periods of Spanish Peninsular literature.

0762. 16th and 17th Century Theater   (3 s.h.)

A study of the major playwrights of the Golden Age: Lope de Vega, Tirso de Molina, Calderon de la Barca.

0764. 16th and 17th Century Prose   (3 s.h.)

An overview of the radical changes in literary genres from the romance to the picaresque novel.

0765. Cervantes: Don Quijote   (3 s.h.)

Cervantes' literary masterpiece, its historical context and impact on Spanish culture.

0766. Poetry and Drama   (3 s.h.)

Study of the most relevant poetic movements and theatre plays of the 20th century.

0767. Realism and Naturalism in the Spanish Novel   (3 s.h.)

A study of each literary movement through their chief exponents, Galdos and Clarin.

0771. Contemporary Spanish Novel   (3 s.h.)

A selection of contemporary classics from post Civil War to the 21st century.

0774. Contemporary Spanish Poetry   (3 s.h.)

Representative selections from the generation of 1927, surrealism, social realism, and recent Peninsular poetry.

0777. Hispanic Literature through Art   (3 s.h.)

Comparative study of trends and styles in Hispanic literature in the context of trends and styles in the history of art.

0799. Preliminary Exam Prep   (1-6 s.h.)

Must be taken by all students in the MA program who do not enroll for some other course.

0864. Spanish American Romanticism   (3 s.h.)

A study of the Romantic movement in Spanish America and of its ties to cultural identity.

0865. Spanish American Modernism   (3 s.h.)

A study of the Modernist movement, its origins, development, and impact. Emphasis on poetry.

0875. Seminar in 19th Century Spanish American Lit   (3 s.h.)

A study of the literature produced in Latinoamerica in the 19th century with special emphasis on Modernism.

0876. Seminar in 20th Century Spanish American Literature   (3 s.h.)

Investigation of a trend, topic, or figure pertinent to 20th century Spanish American literature. (Appropriate for Ph.D. students.)

0879. National Literatures   (3 s.h.)

Rotation of study: the literature of Mexico and Central America; of the Andean countries; of Argentina and Uruguay; or of the Caribbean. Readings from the literature of selected countries or a selected country and study of major literary figures.

0899. Pre-dissertation Research   (1-6 s.h.)

Must be taken by all students in the Ph.D. dissertation program who do not enroll for some other course.

0933. Directed Research   (3 s.h.)

Offered for students who wish to pursue independent study of research topics with faculty supervision. Not to be used as a substitute for courses offered in the Department.

Prerequisite: Permission of chairman required.

0990. Hispanic Bibliography and Research   (3 s.h.)

Tools and methods of research and investigation in Spanish and Ibero-American languages and literatures.

0991. Master's Thesis   (1-6 s.h.)

Must be taken by all students in M.A. thesis programs who do not enroll for some other course.

0992. Spanish for Graduate Reading Knowledge  

Provides guidance and practice in the reading of Spanish language texts for students preparing for the Spanish reading/translation exam.

0999. Dissertation Research   (1-12 s.h.)

This course is intended only for those students who have achieved Ph.D. Candidacy status. A minimum of 6 semester hours is required for graduation.