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Courses Archive 2003 - 2005

Math Education

0462. TCHG MATH TO CHILD N-6 (3 s.h)

0469. Special Projects in Mathematics Education (1-6 s.h)

Individual study for advanced students and special students who need or see a need to develop specific written curricular materials or research projects under appropriate advisement.

0470. The Teaching of Mathematics (3 s.h)

Reexamination of the teaching process in the light of experience, theory, and technology, particularly, but not exclusively, in middle and secondary schools. Consideration given to different teaching styles, the use of models, games, computers, and other learning aids, to evaluation, and to such problems as motivation, underachievement, individualization, and affecting higher-level cognitive behavior.

0527. Critical Issues in Mathematics and Science (3 s.h)

Brings students to significant issues both shared and complementary and to solutions both proposed and operative through active study and discussion. Intended for participation by students early in pursuit of Math/Science master's degree. Issues from pre-college and college/university level considerations and from less formal educational situations such as industry.

0528. Current Practices in Mathematics and Science Education (3 s.h)

Brings math/science education to a state of awareness of contemporary practice in math and science instruction in schools and at post-secondary level. Topics reflect discipline areas and interactions between them at pre-college and college/university levels.

0727. Critical Issues in Mathematics and Science Education (3 s.h)

Brings students to high state of awareness of significant issues, both shared and complementary, and to solution to both proposed and operative. Intended for students early in Math/Science Doctoral degree program.

0728. Curriculum Practice in Mathematics and Science Education (3 s.h)

Complements Math/Sci Ed 727. Deals with practice side of the enterprise, including implementation of research findings and the role of practice and sensitive research. Conducted as a seminar; focuses on developing and understanding of practices in use. Active teaching repertoire are evaluated, modified, and even perhaps abandoned.