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Courses Archive 2003 - 2005

Educational Administration (ED ADM)

0402. Action and Collaborative Research Seminar (3 s.h)

Action research techniques for the classroom/educational setting. The focus of the action research is problem-driven rather than method-driven. Collaborative research efforts are encouraged.

0470. Research-based Practices (3 s.h)

0500. Introduction to Educational Administration and Supervision (3 s.h)

An overview of educational administration. A prerequisite first course for educational administration majors.

0503. The Principalship (3 s.h)

The principal's responsibilities in the organization and administration of a school.

0513. Supervision (3 s.h)

Principles, programs, and practices for the improvement of the teaching-learning process and setting.

0531. The Superintendency (3 s.h)

Principles of school district organization; administrative problems of size, structure, and staff.

0540. Sociology of Education (3 s.h)

Education as an institution of society and its role in social change. How schools reflect economic, political, and legal changes in society. A focus on such factors as race, class, and gender.

0550. Philosophy of Education (3 s.h)

Philosophical reflections on education. Application of techniques of conceptual analysis to educational concepts such as teaching and learning. Assessment of types of arguments in education: analytical, theoretical, and empirical.

0551. Dewey on Education (3 s.h)

Dewey's philosophy of education, with attention to the political and social issues confronted by Dewey and Progressivism.

0552. Philosophical Issues in Higher Education (3 s.h)

Current movements in colleges and universities in the U.S.

0570. Economics in Education (3 s.h)

An examination of education as a consumer and investment good, the costs and benefits of education, and the labor market for educational personnel.

0600. Analytical Studies in Educational Administration (3 s.h)

The purpose of the course is to provide the students with an analytical framework to critique key policy issues in educational administration. Ethics in educational administrative decision-making will also be an important component of this course.

0601. The Two Year College (3 s.h)

Study of administrative and organizational aspects of public and private junior and community colleges.

0615. Gender Issues in Education (3 s.h)

0630. Educational Reform (3 s.h)

An examination of educational reform within the context of political, social, and economic factors affecting the educational enterprise.

0635. Current Issues and Policies (3 s.h)

A consideration of major educational issues and the development of policy on the federal, state, and local levels.

0641. Finance and Business Management (3 s.h)

Theories of educational finance, taxation, budgeting, accounting, purchasing, and technology.

0651. School Plant (3 s.h)

The planning, construction, operation, and maintenance of the school plant.


0670. Case Study Research Approaches (3 s.h)

Case study methods for clinical investigations and field studies in school.

0671. Public Relations (3 s.h)

An introduction to school public relations, policies, and practices.

0681. School Law (3 s.h)

Legal principles within which public education functions. Court cases and school codes are analyzed.

0715. Instructional Leadership (3 s.h)

Principles and practices directed toward the improvement of the relationship between the individual and the organization, and the development of a positive organizational climate.

0746. Management of School Fiscal Affairs (3 s.h)

Basic accounting principles, records, and reports appropriate for school fund financial management; bond accounting, cash management, and encumbrance systems.

0775. Theoretical Perspectives (3 s.h)

An overview and critique of theory influencing educational administration.

0785. Collective Negotiations (3 s.h)

The negotiations process in relation to the chief school administrator's responsibilities.

0787. Administration of Higher Education (3 s.h)

The development and scope and higher education, the principal organizational components of colleges, and contemporary problem areas.

0881. Law and the Administration of Higher Education (3 s.h)

Legal principles within which higher education functions, with emphasis on structure, personnel, programs, property, and finance.

0891. Field Experience (3 s.h)

Practical administrative experience in one's own school system.

0892. The Simulated Principalship (3 s.h)

Use of simulated materials in the solution of practical administrative and supervisory problems.

0895. School Violence: Risk Prevention (3 s.h)

0905. Advanced Seminar I. (3 s.h)

Intensive group work on selected administrative topics.

0910. Advanced Seminar II. (3 s.h)

Individual research on an administrative problem.

0915. Seminar in Instructional leadership (3 s.h)

Gender at the center of the discussion of education and leadership.

0925. Internship in Administration (3 s.h)

A field-based experience for doctoral or central office certification students. The Department provides on-the-job supervision and seminars.

0930. Adm Research Seminar (3 s.h)

0940. Planning in Higher Education (3 s.h)

The planning process in the college and university context.

0950. Residency Seminar (3 s.h)

Advanced topics in Educational Administration.

0989. Independent Study (1-3 s.h)

Conducted on an individual basis with approval of the adviser.

0999. Doctor of Education Dissertation (3,6,9 s.h)

Candidates who have successfully completed the preliminary examination must register continuously during the fall and spring terms until the dissertation has been accepted.