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Courses Archive 2003 - 2005

International Business Administration (IBA)
The International Business Administration major results in a multidisciplinary degree combining courses in international business and language, with a strong, functional business component. The International Business Administration major requires the completion of four international courses, completion of the funtional business major, and a proficiency in a foreign language (Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian, or Spanish).

0501. International Business Theory and Practice (3 s.h)

Prerequisite: Business foundation courses

The course is designed to provide a descriptive as well as a managerial overview of international business. This involves the analysis of the scope, nature, opportunities and problems involved in conducting business in a dynamic global environment. Both macro and micro issues will be examined from a multidisciplinary integrative perspective to provide a broad understanding of the fundamental components of globalization and its impact on business. We will explore the trends that will affect the global business environment of the future.

0514. International Marketing Management (3 s.h)

Prerequisite: Business foundation courses

Identifying and analyzing worldwide marketing opportunities, and generating strategies for capitalizing on them. The impacts of environmental differences on marketing strategies are considered including the political, legal, cultural, social, and economic factors in international markets.

0525. Operation of the Multinational Firm (3 s.h)

Prerequisite: Business founation courses

Operating policies and procedures; organization, administrative, and operational problems of multinational companies. Required for majors in International Business Administration

0535. International Financial Markets (3 s.h)

Prerequisite: business foundation courses

Theory, operation, and structure of international financial markets and institutions. International monetary systems, foreign exchange theory, international banking and money markets, and international monetary policy

0536. International Corporate Finance (3 s.h)

Prerequisite: business foundation courses

Theory and practice of corporate financial management in international environments. International financing, international investment, foreign exchange and country risk, and international money management

0550. Survey of International Economics (3 s.h)

Prerequisite: Business foundation courses

A survey of the determinants of international trade, the nature and consequences of tariffs and other commercial policies, multinational production, the nature of exchange rate movements, and the role of the components of the balance of payments. Course open to M.B.A. students.