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Courses Archive 2003 - 2005

Legal Studies (LAW SBA)

0501. The Nature of Law in Business Decisions (3 s.h)

Nature and functions of the law and legal process as developed under the Anglo-American system of jurisprudence. Seeks to achieve an understanding of the legal environment within which business policy and decisions are made.

0504. The Social and Legal Environment of International Business (3 s.h)

An in-depth view of the legal and social environments facing international firms. Covers international business contracts and comparative contract law-U.S., European, Asian approaches; comparative law of business associations; legal issues in international joint ventures; dispute settlements; labor law; legal issues in competition; business implications of NAFTA, GATT and WTO; protection of intellectual property; impact of the legal environment on management practices. Note: Enrollment limited to students in the IMBA program.

0531. The Legal Aspects of Health Administration (3 s.h)

Interaction of social and legal factors on healthcare institutions. Special attention to the common legal issues faced by administrators and their management.

0555. E-Commerce Law and Regulation (3 s.h)

Prerequisite: Pre-requisite: MIS 560

This course integrates material from the previous courses in the MBA/MS program and is only available to MBA/MS students. Internet technology is having a dramatic effect on world trade and consumer activities. This graduate course will highlight the legal concerns that an educated consumer or business professional must know when dealing with the dynamic world of Electronic Commerce. Issues discussed will include the law of Internet transactions, intellectual property protection, contract creation and enforcement, potential tort liability and police powers. While the course will be practical oriented, it will include a discussion of relevant case law and statutory schemes to regulate the field.

0556. Cyber Law (3 s.h)

Prerequisite: Pre-requisite: MIS 501

This course will focus on the legal issues surrounding the dynamic world of Electronic Commerce and will examine the needs of business managers in the online environment. Topics will include business uses of Internet technology, intellectual property issues in Cyberspace, contract creation and enforcement, taxation, on-line security offerings, potential tort liability, privacy, obscenity, defamation and computer crimes. The course will address these issues in a practical, business-oriented fashion and will include a discussion of relevant laws and judicial decisions.

0802. The Law and Ethics in Business (3 s.h)

Prerequisite: Limited to students matriculated in the Executive M.B.A. program

Examine a number of issues prominent in the business context, for example: work place drug testing, whistle-blowing, environmental, products and work place safety, insider trading, and sexual harassment. Learn how the law treats each, and discover to what extent the legal approach overlaps with what might be considered an ethical one. The course will be taught via the case method. Enrollment limited to students in the Executive MBA program.