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Graduate Bulletin

Physical Therapy, D.P.T.


Admission Requirements and Deadlines
Application Deadline:

Fall: Open

The Department of Physical Therapy participates in the Physical Therapy Centralized Application System (PTCAS) and encourages all applicants to the Doctor of Physical Therapy (D.P.T.) program to make use of this system. The system can be accessed at the PTCAS website. For more information on the application process for the D.P.T. degree, visit the D.P.T. program website.

A supplemental application submitted to Temple University is also required.

Letters of Reference:

Number Required: 2

From Whom: Letters of recommendation should be obtained from those individuals who can judge the applicant's capability for success in a professional graduate program in Physical Therapy. Individuals typically positioned to provide such assessment include university faculty members, physical therapy clinicians, and/or employers.

Coursework Required for Admission Consideration:

All applicants must possess a completed baccalaureate degree in any discipline with a minimum GPA of 3.0 on a 4.0 scale or be designated as a matriculant in an internal articulation agreement between approved undergraduate departments at Temple University and the Department of Physical Therapy. Applicants must also complete a total of 10 prerequisite courses totaling 37 credits with a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0 and no grades below a C (2.0).

Standardized Test Scores:

The GRE, taken within the last 5 years, is required. GRE scores should be in the 50th percentile on at least two of the three test sections (Verbal, Quantitative, and Analytical).

Minimum TOEFL score needed to be accepted: 79 iBT or 550 PBT.

Physical Therapy Clinical Experience:

Prior to the interview process, applicants are expected to have physical therapy professional experience either through unpaid volunteerism or a paid clinical position.

Written Essay:

All applicants are required to submit an essay detailing reasons why the applicant wishes to enter the field of Physical Therapy.


Qualified applicants are invited to interview with three members of the Graduate Faculty. Phone interviews are available when travel costs are prohibitive.

Test Waivers:

The GRE test may be waived if the applicant demonstrates evidence of success in past graduate coursework.

Program Requirements

General Program Requirements:

Number of Didactic Credits Required Beyond the Bachelor's: 130, excluding any prerequisite coursework.

Required Courses: 

1st Professional Year

Summer II (6 weeks, 6 credits)

PHTH 8512:  Human Physiology

PHTH 8536:  Teaching Learning & Group Dynamics

Fall (15 weeks, 16 credits)

PHTH 8502:  Human Anatomy I

PHTH 8503:  Human Anatomy II

PHTH 8513:  Movement Science I

PHTH 8516:  Introduction to Physical Therapy

PHTH 8517:  Clinical Examination & Intervention Skills I

PHTH 8528:  Critical Inquiry I

Spring (15 weeks, 16 credits)

PHTH 8521:  Neuroscience

PHTH 8522:  Rehabilitative Pathophysiology

PHTH 8523:  Movement Science II

PHTH 8524:  Clinical Examination & Intervention Skills II

PHTH 8525:  Clinical Electroneurophysiology

PHTH 8548:  Critical Inquiry II

Summer I (6 weeks, 7 credits)

PHTH 8514:  Clinical Decision Making

PHTH 8529:  Exercise

PHTH 8533:  Movement Science III

2nd Professional Year

Summer II (4 weeks, 4 credits)

PHTH 9585:  Clinical Internship I

Fall (15 weeks, 16 credits)

PHTH 8518:  Psychosocial Aspects

PHTH 8532:  Clinical Management of Musculoskeletal Conditions I

PHTH 8534:  Clinical Management of Neuromuscular Conditions I

PHTH 8535:  Clinical Management of Cardiopulmonary Conditions

PHTH 8547:  Health Care Systems

Spring (10 weeks, 12 credits)

PHTH 8542:  Clinical Management of Musculoskeletal Conditions II

PHTH 8546:  Bioethics

PHTH 8554:  Clinical Management of Neuromuscular Conditions II

PHTH 8557:  Management of Physical Therapy Practices

Summer I (6 weeks, 9 credits)

PHTH 9586:  Clinical Internship II

3rd Professional Year

Summer II (6 weeks, 9 credits)

PHTH 9685:  Clinical Internship III

Fall (15 weeks, 15 credits)

PHTH 8551:  Medical Diagnostics

PHTH 8552:  Clinical Management of Musculoskeletal Conditions III

PHTH 8553:  Clinical Medicine & Pharmacotherapeutics

PHTH 8555:  Assistive Technologies

PHTH 8558:  Evidence-Based Practice I

PHTH 8559:  Elective – Clinical Specialty

Spring (15 weeks, 20 credits)

PHTH 8568:  Evidence-Based Practice II

PHTH 9686:  Clinical Internship IV

PHTH 9687:  Clinical Internship V

Internship:  Five clinical internships are required. Two are taken in Year 2 and three in Year 3.

Language Examination: No language examination is required.

Culminating Events:


Program Contact Information:


Department Information:

Dept. of Physical Therapy
3307 N. Broad Street
Philadelphia, PA 19140


Department Contacts:


Stephen Carp, PhD, PT, GCS


Program Director:

Mary Sinnott, PT, DPT, MEd



Department Chairperson:

Emily Keshner, PT, EdD

About the Program

Physical Therapy is a health care profession with the purpose to promote human health and function by applying theory to identify, assess, remediate, or prevent human movement dysfunction. Physical therapists are concerned with the physical well-being of their clients and patients, and recognize the need to understand and respond to the sociocultural beliefs of the person and family receiving physical therapy services. They accept full responsibility for the patients or clients in their care and for the development of their profession.

The mission of the Department of Physical Therapy is fourfold: (a) provide the opportunity for individuals from diverse cultural backgrounds to enter the physical therapy profession; (b) prepare physical therapy practitioners to meet the health care needs of society; (c) discover and convey knowledge related to physical therapy; and (d) provide services to the academic, professional, and public communities. To meet this mission, two graduate programs are supported by the Department of Physical Therapy: the Doctor of Philosophy and the Doctor of Physical Therapy.

Time Limit for Degree Completion: 7 years

Campus Location:

Health Sciences

Full-Time/Part-Time Status:

All required courses in the Department of Physical Therapy are offered during the weekdays on a full-time basis.

Department Information:

Dept. of Physical Therapy
3307 N. Broad Street
Philadelphia, PA 19140



Not applicable.

Study Abroad:



Not applicable.


The program is accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of Physical Therapy Education (CAPTE) through 2014.

Areas of Specialization:


Job Placement:


Non-Degree Student Policy:

Non-matriculated students may not enroll in Physical Therapy coursework.

Financing Opportunities


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