Given Temple University's moratorium on out-of-state travel and various other budgetary cutbacks, funds are currently not available for FFF travel.  In light of this, the "Travel Request for Future Faculty Fellows" Form is not active at present.  This matter will be revisited at a later date in accordance with changes in University policy.


With the exception of the "Travel Request for Future Faculty Fellows" Form, which is dedicated to the use of Future Faculty Fellows, all forms needed by graduate students at Temple University can be found on the main Forms page at  The instructions for Fellows completing and submitting the "Travel Request for Future Faculty Fellows" Form are as follows:


INSTRUCTIONS FOR THE "Travel Request for Future Faculty Fellows" Form


Travel amounts are determined individually based on the student’s participation in the Future Faculty Fellows Program.  The maximum allowable per fiscal year is $500.  Fellows are only funded one time for a conference at which they are not presenting.




Fellows with three or more incompletes and those not current with their Progress Reports are ineligible for travel funds.  Other individuals who are also ineligible are noted below:

  • Any recipient of a Doctoral Dissertation or Terminal Master’s Project Completion Grant is not eligible for any University funds, including travel funds, as stated in the award letter. 

  • Any student discovered submitting fraudulent reimbursement requests will be denied any and all funding beyond the stipend and tuition remission while enrolled in graduate study at Temple.


Supporting Documentation


Travel requests must be accompanied by a statement of support from the student’s advisor and documentation about the destination.  All requests should be submitted at least three weeks prior to the intended date of travel.




Travel advances are not available.  All Fellows must use their own funds to travel and then submit original receipts for the total reimbursable amount within 15 days of return.  Original receipts must be taped on 8½” x 11” paper in date order and submitted with a completed "Temple University Travel and Expense Report" Form.  All receipts must be in the Fellow's name.




All airline tickets must be purchased through STA Travel, the University's official travel agency.  If the Fellow is able to secure a less expensive airfare through another travel agency and STA Travel cannot match the fare, submit STA Travel's lowest airfare quote in writing along with your receipt for the airline ticket purchased elsewhere.  (The only acceptable airline receipt is the last stub in your ticket booklet.)  The STA Travel quote must be dated prior to the ticket’s purchase.  Any other exception will be denied by the University’s Travel Reimbursement Center.