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At Temple University, students may take graduate courses in one of two ways. Individuals who apply to a program, take courses, and are working toward a degree are matriculated students. Individuals who are taking courses but are not officially working toward a degree at Temple are non-matriculated students.

Non-matriculated students have unique opportunities at Temple. Some students may enjoy "trying out" a few courses, meeting professors, and evaluating prospective programs. Other students may choose to enrich their personal lives, achieve professional goals, or take courses as a visiting student without applying to a specific graduate program.

Non-matriculated graduate students may take up to nine graduate credits before Temple asks them to declare their academic intentions. Students have two options at the nine credit mark: Apply to a degree program or continue to take courses as a non-matriculated student. Students who apply and are accepted into a degree program may carry, with the approval of the program, the nine credits earned before matriculation toward a graduate degree. Students who decide to continue as non-matriculated, taking courses for personal or professional enrichment, may continue taking classes at their own pace.

Non-matriculated students who intend to apply to a degree program should ensure the program in which they are interested accepts non-matriculated credits. Students are strongly encouraged to seek academic advising from the graduate faculty within the program.

Non-matriculated students do not need to fill out a formal application to enroll. The Main Campus Office of Continuing Education offers advising and general information for non-matriculated students. To request information, please call (215) 204-2500 or visit the Continuing Education Website.




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