Undergraduate Bulletin Updated for 1997-1998

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Registration Activities and Dates


Registration dates, fees, and activities are subject to change. It will be necessary for students to verify the above information with the Office of the Registrar or future publications.

Activity Comments Fall 1997 Spring 1998
Semester begins Check Directory of Classes for special class times and locations. Sept. 2 Jan. 20
Late Registration Open to students with permission from their Dean and instructors. Students may register late only if the class has not yet met twice. Sept. 2 - Sept. 8
Sept. 9 - Sept. 15
Sept. 16
Jan. 20 - Jan. 26
Jan. 27 - Feb. 2
Feb. 3
Schedule Revision (Drop/Add) Open to anyone after registration. through Sept. 8
Sept. 9
through Jan. 26
Jan. 27
Continuing Student Registration Brochure for next semester's classes Brochure will be mailed to all currently enrolled students or can be obtained from Deans' offices, if not received by date stated. Oct. 6 Feb. 23
Directory of Classes Available in Deans' Offices Oct. 13 March 9
Continuing Student Registration Period for continuing student to re-enroll for the next semester Oct. 20 - Dec. 18 March 23 - May 12
Continuing Student Late Fee A fee applied to matriculated graduate and undergraduate students who delay registration. Dec. 19 Aug. 1
Open Registration Open to new and re-entering students. Appointments required beginning the week prior to the start of the semester. Dec. 19 - Jan. 15 May 13 - Aug. 27
Roster-Bills mailed Nov. 24 July 17

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