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Sport Management and Leisure Studies

Jeffrey Montague, Undergraduate Coordinator
(215) 204-6297

Bachelor of Science in Sport Management and Leisure Studies
The undergraduate major in sport management and leisure studies is designed to prepare students for a variety of positions in the leisure-service fields. The focus of the undergraduate program is to provide a broad foundational education and to prepare students for entry into the sport management and leisure service occupations at the professional level.

Two areas of emphasis are available at the undergraduate level: sport and recreation management and therapeutic recreation. The sport and recreation management emphasis prepares students interested in careers in the private/commercial sector, public recreation and park agencies, voluntary agencies, campus services, armed forces, and corporate/industrial settings. The therapeutic recreation emphasis prepares students for positions in health care and human service agencies delivering recreation as a rehabilitative, educational, and independent living service.

The therapeutic recreation curriculum is designed to meet the seating requirements of the national certification examination conducted by the National Council on Therapeutic Recreation Certification.

The major in sport management and leisure studies consists of coursework in the University Core Curriculum, department major course requirements, supplemental electives from related disciplines, and two supervised field experiences.

Program Distribution: Sport and Recreation Management, Tourism and Hospitality Management

Total: 128 s.h.

Sport and Recreation Management Curriculum

  1. Departmental Requirements 42 s.h.
  2. Field Experiences and Internships 18
  3. External Requirements 6 s.h.
  4. Related Electives 12 s.h.
    Selected from pre-approved list.
    See adviser.
  5. General Electives 3-12 s.h.

Tourism and Hospitality Management Curriculum

University Core Curriculum 36-43 credits

Departmental course required in the Major 60 credits

External Requirements (6 credits)

Related Electives from an approved list 12

General Electives 7-14

Total Credits 128

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