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  Academic Programs / Business & Management

Academic Policies & Regulations

The university policies and regulations apply to all undergraduate students and provide a framework within which schools and colleges may specify further conditions or variations appropriate to students in their courses or programs. Policies specific to FSBM are as follows: 

Anticipation of Graduation

Students must submit an application for graduation using the University online graduation application in Self Service Banner prior to the Continuing Student Registration period for their final semester. The Fox School of Business and Management requires students to submit an electronic "Request for Graduation Review" prior to registration for their final semester. Current graduation information is available from the advising web site.

Courses Inapplicable to Graduation Requirements

Semester hours earned in SRAP or ELECT, Preparatory Mathematics (formerly Mathematics 0001 or 0015), and lower-division (under 3000) Military Science courses do not yield academic credit toward the minimum total of 124.

Dean's List

Each fall and spring semester, those undergraduates who have met the credit hour and academic criteria for their school or college are placed on the Dean's List. See the Dean's List policy for specific GPA and credit-hour requirements.

Probation and Drop

Students in the Fox School of Business and Management are bound by the university policy on Academic Standing. The university policy can be found at http://policies.temple.edu/getdoc.asp?policy_no=02.10.11.

Grade Point Average Requirement for Graduation

Fox students are required to attain a 2.0 (2.0=C) average in all of their Temple coursework and in their major in order to graduate from the Fox School of Business and Management. Some courses may have specific higher minimum grade requirements for degree applicability. Please check current course descriptions and the section pertaining to your major for this information. Major GPA calculators are available at www.fox.temple.edu/advising/gpa/.

Life Experience

The Fox School of Business and Management does not offer credits for life experiences. Please see Credit for Prior Learning under the Academic Policies section of this Bulletin for information about advanced placement or CLEP examinations.

Leave of Absence/Re-enrollment/Reinstatement

Fox students who wish to voluntarily withdraw from the university for one or two semesters (fall and/or spring) are strongly encouraged to apply for a Leave of Absence (LOA). If approved, these students remain eligible for the same requirements as when they declared their major and will have access to Temple e-mail, university library systems, and priority and self registration for the approved semester of return. By contrast, students who leave the university without any notice and without an approved LOA must apply to be re-enrolled and, if allowed to return, must follow the most recent university curricular requirements in place for the semester of their return. If no LOA was filed, before students return, they must indicate any course(s) taken since leaving Temple and provide a copy of an official transcript from each institution attended. Students who received a medical withdrawal may be asked to provide medical documentation clearing them to return to school and to schedule an interview with an advisor before a re-enrollment decision can be made. Any existing holds must be cleared prior to re-enrollment.

Leave of Absence and Re-enrollment forms are available online: www.fox.temple.edu/cms_academics/dept/advising/forms/. Further details can be viewed at: http://policies.temple.edu/getdoc.asp?policy_no=02.10.16

Students who were dismissed for academic reasons should see the university policy on Academic Standing.

Repeating Courses

University policy restricts the number of times students can enroll in the same course to three times. Permission is required to register for the third attempt of the same course. Students should work closely with an academic advisor to review their options when required to repeat a course. Students who fail to complete a "College Graduation Requirement" in three attempts will be required to change their program to one outside the Fox School of Business and Management. Students who fail to complete a required major course listed in the Programs of Study will be required to change to a different major. Please see Repeating a Course under the Academic Policies section of this Bulletin for more information.

Residence Requirement

A minimum of 30 of the last 45 semester hours must be completed in the Fox School of Business and Management at Temple University in order to receive a degree. In addition, a minimum of 50% of the business courses and the majority of the requirements of a major must be completed at Temple University.  See the Academic Residency Requirements policy at www.temple.edu/bulletin/policies/policies_part1.htm#acad_res_req.

Transfer Credits

Business courses taken at colleges or universities which are not members of The Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB) will be accepted for transfer business credits only if they are equivalent to Economics 1101, Economics 1102, Accounting 2101, Accounting 2102, Risk Management & Insurance 2101, Legal Studies 1101, Legal Studies 1102, Management Information Systems 2101, Statistics 1001, 1102, 2101, 2102, 2103. Marketing 2101 and Human Resource Management (formerly Human Resource Administration) 1101 will be accepted for transfer if they were taken during the fall 1994 semester or later. Human Resource Management 2501 will be accepted for transfer if taken during the spring 2005 semester or later. Specific articulation agreements with local colleges may expand on this list. Current articulation agreements can be viewed at www.temple.edu/vpus/transfer/agreements.htm.

Additional business credits are accepted from colleges that are members of the AACSB. It should be understood that it is possible for a student to transfer in a large number of credits, which, while accepted by the university, may exceed the maximum number of elective credits applicable to the degree.

Permission to take Courses at Another Institution

Consistent with the University Policy, www.temple.edu/bulletin/policies/policies_part4.htm#another_inst, students will not receive transfer credit for courses taken at another institution while they are matriculated at Temple University unless prior permission has been obtained. Completed permission forms with supporting documentation should be submitted to the Fox School of Business and Management advising offices. Please refer to the above section on transfer credits. Students should allow approximately two weeks for processing once permission forms and documentation have been submitted.

Non-Degree Seeking Student Policy

Students not formally admitted to Temple University may take undergraduate courses numbered under 3000 in the Fox School of Business and Management. Undergraduate courses numbered above 3000 are open to visiting students who have completed a minimum of 60 credits, have met course prerequisites, and have written permission from their home institution. Students who have a baccalaureate degree and the prerequisites for the course desired may also enroll in advanced courses.

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