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  Academic Programs / Chart Of Degrees

Program names H - O and Degrees Offered

This is a general summary of programs available for incoming students.

Note: The link in the Program Name column goes to the page describing the program within the Undergraduate Bulletin.


 Major  A cohesive combination of courses including introductory, intermediate, and advanced coursework that designates a student's primary area of undergraduate study. Majors can be established or restructured to include required or optional tracks/concentrations. A major is typically 36-76 credit hours. Majors are designated on University transcripts at the time the degree is awarded.
 Minor A designated sequence of courses in a discipline or area of undergraduate study. Like the major, it is expected to have coherence and increasing sophistication. A minor is typically 18-24 credit hours (or approximately half of the major) and is independent of the student's major. Minors are designated on University transcripts when the degree is awarded.
Track / Concentration A coordinated grouping of courses, typically one-third of a major, representing a sub-specialization or emphasis within a major field available for students majoring in that discipline. Track/Concentrations may be offered at the undergraduate, graduate, or professional level. Majors with track/concentration are designated on University transcripts when the degree is awarded.
Certificate An academic program in which the student completes a prescribed course of study, typically 12 or more credit hours. This may be at the undergraduate, graduate or professional level.


Campus - The baccalaureate degree can be completed at the campuses displayed in bold only.  


Program Name Baccalaureate Minor, Conc., Cert., Track Post-Baccalaureate Post-Baccalaureate Minor, Conc., Cert. College Campus
Healthcare Financial Management     M.S.   BU CC
Healthcare Management   Minor M.H.M.   BU MN
Health Ecology     Ph.D.   HP HSC
Health Informatics     M.S.   HP HSC
-- Clinical Health Leader       Graduate Cert. HP HSC
-- Health Informatics       Graduate Cert. HP HSC
-- Health Information Privacy & Security       Graduate Cert. HP HSC
-- Healthcare Data Analytics       Graduate Cert. HP HSC
Health Information Management B.S.       HP HSC
Hebrew B.A. Minor     LA MN
History B.A. Minor M.A., Ph.D.   LA MN, AMB, CC, JPN
-- Public History       M.A. Conc. LA MN
Honors Program, Business   Cert.     BU MN
Honors Program, University   Cert.       MN
Horticulture A.S., B.S.       EV AMB
-- Business   Conc.     EV AMB
-- General   Conc.      EV   AMB
-- Horticultural Therapy   Cert.     EV AMB
-- Landscape Plants   Cert.     EV AMB
-- Native Perennial Garden Design   Cert.     EV AMB
Human Resource Management B.B.A.   M.S. Post-M.B.A. Cert.,
Graduate Cert.
-- Leadership   Cert.     BU MN, AMB, CC
Human Resource for Legal Studies   Minor     BU MN
Information Science & Technology B.A., B.S. Minor M.S.   ST MN
Information Technology Auditing & Cyber-security     M.S.   BU MN
Information Technology Innovation & Entrepreneurship   Minor     BU MN
Information Technology Management      M.B.A./M.S.   BU MN
Innovation Management & Entrepreneurship     M.S.   BU MN
Instrumental Studies, Classical Guitar Performance B.M.       BC MN
Instrumental Studies, Instrumental Performance B.M.       BC MN
Interdisciplinary Studies/Liberal Arts B.A.       LA MN, AMB, CC
International Affairs B.A.       LA JPN
International Business B.B.A.   M.B.A./M.S.   BU MN, CC
-- Finance       Conc. BU MN
-- General & Strategic Management       Conc. BU MN
-- Human Resource Management       Conc. BU MN
-- Marketing       Conc. BU MN
-- Risk Management & Insurance       Conc. BU MN
International Business Administration - Tri Country     M.B.A.   BU MN
International Business Management       Post-M.B.A. Cert. BU MN
International Business Studies B.S.       LA JPN
International Law       Cert. LW JPN
Investment Management     M.S.   BU MN
Italian B.A. Minor, Cert.     LA MN
Japanese B.A.       LA JPN
Japanese   Minor, Cert.     LA MN, JPN
Jazz Studies / Composition B.M.       BC MN
Jazz Studies / Performance B.M.       BC MN
-- Instrumental   Conc.     BC MN
-- Jazz Voice   Conc.     BC MN
Jewish Studies B.A. Minor     LA MN
-- History   Conc.     LA MN
-- Religion    Conc.     LA   MN
-- Secular Jewish Studies   Cert.     LA MN
Journalism B.A.   M.J.   CO MN
Juridical Science     S.J.D.   LW MN
Kinesiology B.S.   M.S., Ph.D.   HP MN
-- Athletic Training       M.S. Conc., Ph.D. Conc. HP MN  
-- Curriculum and Instruction       M.S. Conc., Ph.D. Conc. HP MN
-- Integrative Exercise Physiology       M.S. Conc., Ph.D. Conc. HP MN
-- Psychology of Movement       M.S. Conc., Ph.D. Conc. HP MN
Landscape Architecture B.S.     MLArch EV AMB
Landscape Studies   Minor     EV AMB
Latin American Studies B.A. Minor     LA MN
Law     J.D., L.L.M., S.J.D.   LW MN, JPN
Leadership   Cert.     BU MN, AMB, CC
Leadership   Minor     CO MN
Legal Education     L.L.M.   LW MN
Legal Studies B.B.A. Minor J.D./M.B.A. (Dual)   BU/LW MN, CC
Legal Studies for Human Resource Managers   Minor     BU MN
Law - Trial Advocacy     L.L.M.   LW MN
Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Transgender Studies (LGBT)   Minor     LA MN
Liberal Arts     M.L.A.   LA CC, JPN
Linguistics B.A.   M.A.   HP MN
B.B.A. Minor,
M.S. Ph.D. Conc., Post-M.B.A. Cert. BU MN, CC
Marketing B.B.A. Minor M.S. Post-M.B.A. Cert. BU MN, AMB, CC
Mass Media &  
    Ph.D.   CO MN
Mathematical Economics B.A.       LA/ST MN
Mathematics B.A., B.S. Minor M.A., Ph.D.   ST MN
-- 5 year M.A.     B.A./M.A., B.S./M.A.   ST/EN MN
Mathematics & Computer Science B.S.       ST MN
Mathematics & Computer Science with Teaching B.S.       ST MN
Mathematics & Physics B.S.       ST MN
Mathematics Education/7-12       Cert. ED MN
Mathematics with Teaching B.S.       ST MN
Mechanical Engineering B.S.M.E.   M.S.M.E.    EN MN
-- Bioengineering   Conc.     EN MN
-- Cooperative Education Program         EN MN
-- Energy Systems   Conc.     EN MN
Media Studies & Production B.A.   M.A.   CO MN
-- Emergent Media   Track     CO MN
-- Media Analysis   Track     CO MN
-- Media Business & Entrepreneurship   Track     CO MN
-- Media Production   Track     CO MN
Medicine     M.D.   ME HSC
Medicine Combination     Ph.D./M.D.   ME HSC
B.F.A.    M.F.A.   TA MN
--Art Education   Conc.     TA MN
Middle Grades Education B.S.Ed.   M.Ed.   ED MN
-- Mathematics & Language Arts   Conc.   M.Ed. Conc. ED MN
-- Mathematics & Science   Conc.   M.Ed. Conc. ED MN
-- Science & Language Arts   Conc.   M.Ed. Conc. ED MN
Middle Grades Education/4-8       Cert. ED MN
Military Sciences            
-- Army ROTC           MN*
-- Air Force ROTC           XSJ*
-- Navy ROTC           XPN*
Music B.S.        BC MN
Music Composition B.M.   M.M., D.M.A.   BC MN
Music Education B.M.   M.M., Ph.D.   BC MN
-- Instrumental   Conc.     BC MN
-- Piano   Conc.     BC MN
-- Voice   Conc.     BC MN
Music Education/Jazz B.M.       BC MN
-- Instrumental/ Jazz Studies Component   Conc.     BC MN
-- Piano/Jazz Studies Component   Conc.     BC MN
-- Voice/Jazz Studies Component   Conc.     BC MN
Music History B.M.   M.M.   BC MN
-- Jazz Studies
B.M.       BC MN
-- Jazz Composition B.M.          MN
-- Jazz Voice Performance B.M.         MN
Music Performance B.M.   M.M., D.M.A.   BC MN
-- Keyboard/ Harpsichord B.M.   M.M.   BC MN
-- Keyboard/Piano B.M.   M.M., D.M.A.   BC MN
-- Vocal Instruction B.M.       BC MN
Music Theory B.M.   M.M.   BC MN
Music Therapy B.M.   M.M.T., Ph.D.   BC MN
-- Guitar   Conc.     BC MN
-- Piano   Conc.     BC MN
-- Voice   Conc.     BC MN
Music Therapy/Jazz B.M.       BC MN
-- Jazz, Guitar   Conc.     BC MN
-- Jazz, Piano   Conc.     BC MN
-- Jazz, Voice   Conc.     BC MN
National Park Service Management   Cert.   Post-Bacc. Cert. UC AMB, MN
Natural Sciences B.A.       ST MN
Neuroscience       Grad Cert. LA MN
Neuroscience: Cellular and Molecular B.S.       ST MN
Neuroscience: Systems, Behavior & Plasticity B.S.       LA MN
Neuroscience Research   Minor     LA MN
New Media Interdisciplinary Concentration   Conc.     CO MN
Nursing B.S.N.   M.S.N.   HP HSC
-- Clinical Nurse Leader       Conc. HP HSC
-- Nurse Educator       Conc. HP HSC
-- School Nurse       Grad Cert. HP HSC
Nursing Practice     DNP   HP HSC
-- Adult-Gerontology Primary Care     DNP Conc.   HP HSC
-- Family-Individual Across Lifespan     DNP Conc.   HP HSC
R.N. to B.S.N B.S.N.        HP HSC, AMB, XBC
    M.O.T., D.O.T.   HP HSC, CC
Opera     M.M.   BC MN
Oral Biology     M.S.   DN MN


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