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ProRanger Philadelphia Program

The ProRanger Philadelphia program is an academic and technical skills training and paid internship program that is cooperatively administered by the National Park Service and Temple University. The program was established to recruit, train and employ law enforcement park rangers for the National Park Service. Upon graduating from Temple University and successfully completing the ProRanger Philadelphia program, participants are placed in a permanent career tenure law enforcement park ranger position with the National Park Service.

Upon acceptance into the ProRanger Philadelphia program, a ProRanger trainee will become part of an experiential learning cohort made up of at least 12 and no more than 20 fellow trainees. During the summer periods between the freshman/sophomore and sophomore/junior years, the ProRanger Philadelphia trainee will be assigned to a National Park area and will be employed as a seasonal National Park Service employee. Trainees will also participate in a three-credit academic course that accompanies the internship and includes reflective experiences of the cohort group. During the period between the junior/senior year, the ProRanger trainee will be enrolled in the Seasonal Law Enforcement Training Program (SLETP) at Temple University.

In addition to the experiential components, students will complete four academic courses that include: 1) a three-credit course that studies the mission and functions of the National Park Service and the role of law enforcement in National Parks; 2) a communications/leadership course chosen from an array of options; 3) an ethics course chosen from an array of options; 4) a content area course chosen from an array of options.

While the primary duties of the ProRanger Philadelphia graduate is protecting people and property, ProRanger Philadelphia trainees do not have to be Criminal Justice majors, and students from any academic major or background may apply. More importantly, a ProRanger Philadelphia trainee will have an aptitude for working with people with diverse backgrounds, have an interest in the outdoors, history and the environment, and has a high standard of ethical behavior.

Please see www.temple.edu/proranger for more information about becoming a ProRanger.


Certificate in National Park Service Management

The University College, in consultation with the National Park Service, has developed a certificate program in National Park Service Management that will provide extensive opportunities for academic study, training and development, and for internship placement as preparation for a career in National Park Service (NPS) law enforcement and in other areas related to park service management, as well as other related careers. The certificate program is open to post-baccalaureate students as well as students enrolled in bachelor's degree programs who are part of the ProRanger Philadelphia program. The certificate requires a minimum of 21 credits. In addition to the experiential and internship components that require reflective essays, students will complete other academic courses that explore the mission and functions of the NPS, communications and leadership, and ethics.

Requirements for the Certificate in National Park Service Management

First Summer
Subject Course # Course Title Required Credits Optional Credits
ProRanger Program 1085 ProRanger Internship 1   up to 9
ProRanger Program 1577 Introduction to the ProRanger Program 3  
Second or Third Year
History xxxx History of the National Park Service 3  
Second Year Summer
ProRanger Program 2085 ProRanger Internship 2   up to 9
Any Semester: Choose one from the following: 3  
Anthropology 3175 Heritage Management in Archaeology    
Business Administration 3102* Business Society and Ethics    
Business Administration 3902* Honors Business Society and Ethics    
Environmental Studies 2157 Environmental Ethics    
Environmental Studies 3001 Earth Ethics    
Philosophy 2596 Philosophical Perspectives on the Environment    
Tourism & Hospitality
4212* Law and Ethics in Sport and Recreation    
Tourism & Hospitality
4221* Current & Ethical Issues in Recreation & Leisure    
Any Semester: Choose one from the following: 3  
Adult & Organizational
0836 Interpersonal Communication: Critical
Competencies for Professional & Personal Success
Adult & Organizational
2214 Conflict and Communication    
Adult & Organizational
2218 Leadership and Communication    
Business Administration 2196* Business Communications    
Strategic Communication 1111 Public Speaking    
Strategic Communication 2662 Leading Groups and Team Building    
Strategic Communication 2696 Diverse Communication and Leadership
Any Semester: Choose one from the following: 3  
Criminal Justice 0812 Criminal Behavior    
Criminal Justice 0912 Honors Criminal Behavior    
Criminal Justice 1001 Introduction to Criminal Justice    
Criminal Justice 2401 Nature of Crime    
Criminal Justice 2101 Introduction to Law Enforcement    
Public Health 2207 Principles of Emergency Management:
A Public Health Perspective
Psychology 2401 Foundations of Social Psychology    
Third Year Summer
ProRanger Program 3587** Seasonal Law Enforcement Professional
Development Program
Third Year Summer
ProRanger Program 3085 ProRanger Internship 3   up to 3
Total possible credits: 21 (minimum) 42 (maximum)

* Some courses may not be available to all students. Students should check prerequisites and other requirements when planning their course of study for the certificate.

** In order to enroll in the Seasonal Law Enforcement Professional Development Program (ProRanger 3587), students must meet specific admissions requirements which include a federal background investigation, criminal history check, psychological and physical fitness testing, drug screening tests and an interview. Students should see www.temple.edu/proranger for course eligibility criteria and the course syllabus and student handbook for other special conditions.


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