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Construction management Technology

P. Udo-Inyang, Program Coordinator
Room 509, Engineering and Architecture Building


Program Goals & Objectives

The baccalaureate curriculum in Construction Management Technology (CMT) prepares a student for a practitioner's role in construction management or structural design.

Graduates are qualified for jobs as structural designers and detailers, construction field supervisors, estimators, expediters, construction cost analysts, schedulers, plan examiners for government agencies that control construction, and liaison personnel in plant engineering departments of large manufacturing organizations. Day and evening courses are available; however, most technical courses are offered in the evening only. While the day program requires a minimum of four years, a completed evening program may extend over eight to twelve years. 

This program is accredited by the Technology Accreditation Commission (TAC) of the Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology, Inc. (ABET) (* see address below)

* Address:
Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology Inc.
111 Market Pl., Suite 1050
Baltimore, MD 21202

Summary of Requirements

University Requirements

All students are required to complete a set of university requirements: General Education (GenEd) or Core.

New freshmen starting in the 2008-2009 academic year are required to complete the GenEd curriculum.

New transfer students starting in the 2008-2009 academic year are required to complete the Core curriculum.

All Temple students must take a minimum of two writing-intensive courses as part of the major. The specific writing-intensive courses required for this major are listed below and are identified by "WI" in the RCI column.

Foundation Science & Math Courses

Department Course # Course Name Hours RCI
Math 1022 Precalculus 4 QA
Math 1031 Differential & Integral Calculus 4 QB
Math Elective Approved Math Electives 7  
Physics 1021 Introduction to General Physics I 4 SA
Physics 1022 Introduction to General Physics II 4 SB
Science Elective Earth & Environmental Science or Chemistry 3  
Subtotal     26  

Required Communications, Humanities, & Social Science

Department Course # Course Name Hours RCI
English 0802, 0812 or 0902 Analytical Reading & Writing 4 GW
English 2696 Technical Writing 3 WI
Economics 1101
Macroeconomic Principles
Microeconomic Principles
3 IN

Social Science*
Electives GenEd Requirements (for freshmen)
University Core Electives (for transfer students)

Subtotal     28  
* See advisor for recommended courses, particularly if a transfer student.

Required Engineering Courses for CMT

Department Course # Course Name Hours RCI
CCET 2124 Construction Methods & Materials 3
CCET 2125 Construction Contracts & Specifications 3  
CCET 2271 Building Systems 3  
CCET 3121 Construction Estimating 3  
CCET 3123 Construction Estimating Laboratory 1  
CCET 3145 Structural Analysis 3  
CCET 3322 Construction Planning & Scheduling 3  
CCET 3333 Soil Mechanics 3  
CCET 3351 Applied Hydraulics 3  
CCET 4335 Steel & Wood Structures 3  
CCET 4336 Concrete & Masonry Design 3  
CCET 4355 Transportation Systems & Management 3  
CCET 4396 Capstone in Construction 3 WI 
Subtotal for Civil & Construction Engineering Technology 37  
Civil Engineering 1010 Computers & Special Topics 3  
Civil Engineering 1105 Surveying 2  
Civil Engineering 2341 Construction Materials Laboratory 2  
Civil Engineering 2396 Environmental & Safety Aspects of Construction 2 WI
Subtotal for Civil Engineering  9  
Engineering 1101 Introduction to Engineering & Eng. Tech. 2  
Engineering 1117 Engineering Graphics 3  
Engineering 2331 Engineering Statics 3  
Engineering 2333 Mechanics of Solids 3  
Engineering 3096 Economic Analysis 3 WI 
Subtotal for Engineering   14  
Engineering Tech. 4119 Professional Seminar 1  
Subtotal for Engineering Technology 1  
Specialty Electives   Must be approved prior to registration
(see below for suggested courses)
Subtotal for electives   9  
Subtotal for Required Courses 70  
Total Required Hours for Construction Management Technology 124  


Approved Specialty Electives  
Department Course # Course Name Hours RCI
Economics 1101
Macroeconomic Principles
Microeconomic Principles


Human Resource
1101 Organization & Management 3  
MSOM 3101 Operations Management 3  
Marketing 2101 Marketing Management 3  

Financial Management
Construction Financial Management

RSK MGT 2101 Introduction to Risk Management 3  
ET 2521 Applied Fluid Mechanics 3  
ET 3323 Dynamics 3  
ET 3396 Materials Technology 3 WI
ET 3532 Thermodynamics 3  
Other CE/ENGR/
ET courses
  varies 3  
Accounting 2101 Financial Accounting 3  
Accounting 2102 Managerial Accounting 3  


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