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Environmental Programs

Dr. Robert Mason, Director
Gladfelter Hall, Room 330

Dr. Dennis Terry, Advisor for B.S.
Beury Hall, Room 221

Students will be equipped with the scholarly background and intellectual skills to understand a wide range of pressing environmental issues, and they will come to appreciate the physical, economic, political, demographic, and ethical factors that define those issues. Among the many environmental problems central to our program are groundwater contamination, suburban sprawl, river basin management, environmental justice, and the greening of abandoned urban spaces. Our graduates find employment with government environmental agencies, citizens' organizations, consulting firms, and corporate environmental affairs departments.

The College of Liberal Arts offers the Bachelor of Arts in Environmental Studies and the College of Science and Technology offers the Bachelor of Science in Environmental Science. A minor also is offered through both colleges.


Bachelor of Arts Requirements for Environmental Studies

Please see the College of Liberal Arts Bulletin page for details on the requirements for the Bachelor of Arts degree in Environmental Studies.  Click here to view the course requirements.

Bachelor of Science Requirements for Environmental Science

Please see the College of Science and Technology Bulletin page for details on the requirements for the Bachelor of Science degree in Environmental Science.  Click here to view the course requirements.

Requirements for the Minor in Environmental Studies in CLA

Please see the College of Liberal Arts Bulletin page for details on the requirements for the minor in Environmental Studies in CLA.  Click here to view the course requirements.

Requirements for the Minor in Environmental Studies in CST

Please see the College of Science & Technology Bulletin page for details on the requirements for the minor in Environmental Studies in CST.  Click here to view the course requirements.

List of Environmental Studies Electives

Department Course # Course Name
Natural Science Electives    
Environmental Studies/Anthropology  3170 Methods in Archaeology
Environmental Studies/Anthropology  3189 Field Session in Archaeology 
Environmental Studies/Anthropology 4896 Environmental Physiology 
Biology  2238 Marine Environments 
Biology  3196 Experimental Marine Biology  
Biology  3245 Marine Ecology 
Biology  3316 Tropical Marine Biology
Biology  3336 Freshwater Ecology 
Botany  1112 Plant Ecology 
Earth & Environmental Science 2015 Climate Change: Oceans to Atmosphere
Earth & Environmental Science 2021 Facies Models 
Earth & Environmental Science 2061 Introduction to Geochemistry 
Landscape Architecture 2758 Summer Field Ecology 
Social Science/Policy Electives      
Environmental Studies/Anthropology  3175 Heritage Management in Archaeology 
Environmental Studies/Anthropology  4117 Seminar in Environmental Archaeology 
Environmental Studies/Anthropology  4796 Biocultural Adaptations in Human Populations 
Community & Regional Planning 1027 History & Practice of Community & Regional Planning
Community & Regional Planning  2014 Planning Policy and Law
Community & Regional Planning  2114 Urban Form & Design
Community & Regional Planning 2213 Environmental Planning 
Community & Regional Planning 2524 Fundamentals of Geographic Information Systems 
Community & Regional Planning 3256 Sustainable Community Design & Development
Economics 1101 Macroeconomic Principles
Economics 3512 Public Finance
Economics 3513 Economics of State and Local Governments
Environmental Engineering Technology 4761 Environmental Regulations
Environmental Studies 3000 Special Topics in Environmental Studies  
Environmental Studies 3025 Environmental Law and Regulation
Environmental Studies 4082 Independent Study - Environmental Studies 
Environmental Studies 4085 Internship - Environmental Studies  
Asian Studies/EVRN ST/GUS   3052 Environmental Problems in Asia 
Environmental Studies/GUS 2051 The Urban Environment 
Environmental Studies/GUS  3051 Environmental Policy Issues
Environmental Studies/GUS  3054 Energy, Resources, & Conservation 
Environmental Studies/GUS 3062 Fundamentals of Geographic Information Systems 
Environmental Studies/GUS 3097 Environment & Development
Environmental Studies/GUS 4015 The Geographic Basis of Land Use Planning 
Environmental Studies/GUS  4051 Geography of Hazards  
Environmental Studies/GUS 4056 Political Ecology 
Environmental Studies/GUS  4071 Medical Geography 
Environmental Studies/GUS  4096 Problems of Environmental Quality
Earth & Environmental Science 4197/4997 Environmental Seminar
History/Environmental Studies 3214 North American Environmental History 
History/Environmental Studies 4297 Social History of American Medicine
Horticulture 2114 Soils 
Horticulture 2334 Food Crops I 
Horticulture 2353 Food Crops II 
Horticulture 3514 Landscape Restoration 
Journalism 3253 Health and Environmental Writing
Landscape Architecture 2144 Landscape Architecture Design Studio II  
Philosophy/Environmental Studies 2157 Environmental Ethics
Philosophy/Environmental Studies 2596 Philosophical Perspectives on the Environment
Political Science/Environmental Studies 3152 U.S. Environmental Policy
Political Science/Environmental Studies 3265 International Environmental Policy
Public Health 2102 Environmental Health
Religion/Environmental Studies 3001 Earth Ethics 
Religion/Asian St/Environmental Studies 3904 Honors Earth Ethics
Sociology/Environmental Studies 3511 Sociology of the Environment

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