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Studies in Race

Different views of what "race" is and has been, the importance of personal and social racial identities, the impact of racism on individuals and institutions across cultures, historically, and in the United States today--all of these are studied in courses in the Studies in Race area of the Core. The knowledge and the communication skills gained in these courses help students better understand a critical aspect of their society and their own experience. Such understanding is essential for living and working in our racially-diverse world.

The Required Course Identifiers (RCI) of Studies in Race courses are important indicators of Core credit. Unlike the courses in other Core areas, but like Writing-Intensive courses, Studies in Race courses may fulfill a requirement for another Core area at the same time that they meet the Studies in Race requirement. Some even meet the Studies in Race requirement, another Core requirement, and the requirement for Writing-Intensive courses. The following RCI codes are specific to Studies in Race courses:

RA - Studies in Race and the Arts

RC - Studies in Race and Composition

RG - Studies in Race and International Studies

RN - Studies in Race and Individual and Society

RS - Studies in Race

RU - Studies in Race and American Culture

WR - Studies in Race and Writing-Intensive

XA - The Arts, Studies in Race, and Writing-Intensive

XC - American Culture, Studies in Race, and Writing-Intensive

XN - The Individual and Society, Studies in Race, and Writing-Intensive

XS - International Studies, Studies in Race, and Writing-Intensive

These RCI codes appear in parentheses next to the course numbers in the course list below.

See Finding a Core Course on the Core Curriculum general description page for a full list of the Core RCI codes.

Note that Studies in Race courses may also have non-Studies in Race versions that do not meet the Studies in Race requirement.

Requirement: One 3-credit course from this list.

The Studies in Race requirement applies to Temple undergraduates who matriculated as freshmen in fall 1993 (having completed fewer than 15 semester hours before then) through spring 2008, and to transfer students matriculating as Temple undergraduates in fall 1994 and after, who are not classified as Core-to-Core. Freshman who matriculate in fall 2008 and after complete the GenEd Race & Diversity requirement (GD).

Note: Core courses no longer offered by departments have been removed from this list, but students who took them will receive Core credit, as indicated in their DARS document. Questions about Core courses can be answered by the Office of the Senior Vice Provost for Undergraduate Studies.

Course # Course Name Credits
African American Studies    
2934 (RS) Honors Literature of Am Slavery 3
4248 (RS) Dimensions of Racism 3
American Studies    
2107 (RS) Asian American Experiences  3
3071 (RS) African American Experiences 3
3075 (RS) Literature of American Slavery 3
1062 (RN) Introduction to Anthropology: A Four-Field Integrated Approach to Race and Racism 3
Asian Studies    
2107 (RS) Asian American Experiences 3
Communication Sciences & Disorders    
2111 (RS) Language and Race 3
Criminal Justice    
4003 (RS) Urban Minorities and the Criminal Justice System  3
2805 (RS) Dance, Movement, and Pluralism  3
2401 (RS) African-American Literature I 3
2402 (RS) African-American Literature II 3
2713 (RS) Art of the Film 3
2822 (RS) Language and Race 3
3414 (RS) Blacks/Literature/Drama/Media  3
Geography and Urban Studies    
1021 (RN) Urban Society: Race, Class, and Community 3
Greek and Roman Classics    
2003 (RG) Race in Greece and Rome 3
2903 (RG) Honors Race in Greece and Rome 3
1103 (RS) Race and Ethnicity in American History 3
1903 (RS) Honors Race and Ethnicity in American History 3
2103 (RS) African American History to 1865 3
2104 (RS) African American History 1865 to Present 3
2105 (RS) Race and the U.S. Constitution 3
2107 (RS) Asian American History 3
2702 (RS) Imperialism, Race, and Empire 3
2703 (RS) African Diaspora 3
2705 (RS) Anti-Semitism/Holocaust/Racism 3
3201 (RS) California Dreams, California Nightmares 3
Jewish Studies    
2705 (RS) Anti-Semitism/Holocaust/Racism 3
4237 (RS) Minorities in Sport and Physical Activity 3
Latin American Studies    
3020 (RS) Topics in Latino Studies 3
4143 (RS) Cultural Diversity in Health Care 3
2125 (RS) Philosophy of African American Experiences 3
2925 (RS) Honors Philosophy of African American Experiences 3
Political Science    
1103 (RN) The Individual, Race, and American Political Life 3
3132 (RS) Urban Politics and Problems 3
3196 (WR) Urban Politics and Problems 3
1002 (RS) Racial Justice: A Religious Mandate for Obedience and Revolt 3
Social Work    
3008 (RS) Institutional Racism  3
1376 (XN) Sociology of Race and Racism (offered at Temple University Japan only) 3
2179 (RS) Racial and Ethnic Stratification 3
2979 (RS) Honors Racial and Ethnic Stratification 3
Strategic and Organizational Communication    
2296 (XC) Campaigns and Movements in America 3
2996 (XC) Honors Campaigns and Movements in America 3
1197 (XC) Art, Race, and the American Experience 3
Women’s Studies    
2096 (WR) The Politics of Diversity 3
2996 (WR) Honors The Politics of Diversity 3

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