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  Academic Programs / Art & Architecture

Bachelor of Science in Art Education

Jo-Anna J. Moore, Chairperson
Anderson Hall, Room 311


The Art Education program ensures a fully-rounded preparation for the elementary and secondary school teacher. This program provides content study for art teacher preparation and teacher certification to teach art in kindergarten through twelfth grade.  The requirements for the degree are 128 total credits. 42 credits are in studio art, 9 credits in Art History, 20 credits in Art Education, 18 credits in Education, and 39 to 45 credits in the University Core Curriculum.  The department will accept a maximum of 24 semester hours of transfer studio credits toward the major. The Bachelor of Science degree in Art Education may be conferred upon a student by recommendation of the faculty and upon the satisfactory completion of a minimum of 128 semester hours of credit with a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0.

Major Requirements for the B.S. in Art Education

Students must also satisfy all University Core requirements.  A minimum of 128 hours is required for the degree.

Department Course # Course Name Hours RCI
Art 1501 Intro to Visual Language: Design 3 AR 
Art 1401/1496 Intro to Visual Language: Drawing 3 AR/WI
Art 1101 Intro to Visual Language: Painting 3 AR
Art 1201 Intro to Visual Language: 3-D Design 3 AR 
Art 2102 Painting II 3  


Relief Printmaking I
Lithography I
Art 2402 Drawing II 3  
Art 2111 Aqueous Media 3  
Crafts 2151 Beginning Ceramics 3  
Art 4796 Art Seminar (offered only in the Fall) 3 WI 
Art History 1155 Art Heritage of the Western World I 3 AR
Art History 1156 Art Heritage of the Western World II 3 AR
Art History   Art History Elective (not Art History 1001) 3  
Art   Studio Art Electives from University
Art Department (four courses)


Required Courses Also Satisfying University Core

Department Course # Course Name Hours RCI
Psychology 1061 Psychology as a Social Science 3 IN
History 1101

History of US 1600-1877
History of US 1877-Present
3 AC

Additional Liberal Arts Requirements

Department Course # Course Name Hours RCI
STOC 1111 Public Speaking 3  
Literature Elective   Any University literature course.
(See Department Advisor for pre-approval.)

Department Course # Course Name Hours RCI
Art Education 2001 Science & Art of Teaching (Only offered in Spring) (Prerequisites: English 1002 & Psych 1061.) (B-) 4  
Art Education 3002 Art in Elementary & Secondary Education (Prerequisites: Speech Screening, PPST tests, ART ED 2001. Application must be submitted during pre-registration the semester prior to taking the course.)(B-) 4  
Art Education 4088 Student Teaching is now five full days per week. (Prerequisites: All EDUC and ART ED courses must be completed. Application must be submitted during pre-registration the semester prior to taking the course.) (C) 12  

Department Course # Course Name Hours RCI
EDUC 1196 Education & Schooling in America (C) 3 AC/WI
EDUC 1322 The Developing Individual Across the Lifespan (C+)   3  
EDUC 1255 Inclusive Education For a Diverse Society (C) 3  
EDUC 2205 Curriculum, Instruction and Technology in Education (C+)  3  
EDUC 2306 Assessment and Evaluation (C) 3  
EDUC 2255 Effective Use of Instructional Technology in Classrooms (Prerequisite: Skills Test) (C+) 3  

Note: Grades in parentheses indicate minimum grade necessary to count towards degree requirements.


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