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  Academic Programs / Business & Management

Management Information Systems

Munir Mandviwalla, Department Chair
Office: Speakman Hall 210

Joe Allegra, Program Coordinator
Office: Speakman Hall 210

The B.B.A. Major in Management Information Systems (MIS) is a full-time program to train business-savvy, technically-proficient entry-level professionals.  The MIS major is organized around the concept of Integration; organizational systems such as for payroll, customer relationship management, and enterprise resource management tie an organization together, and understanding how these systems integrate business processes and technology is essential to a successful career.  Specifically, MIS majors will integrate business processes with MIS solutions by modeling and changing business processes, selecting the best information technology solution, and acquiring the solution by building, integrating, or purchasing systems. Graduates will understand how to integrate information systems vertically within the organization and across as well as how to solve application integration problems.

Typical career options for MIS students graduating with the B.B.A. in MIS include systems/business analyst, MIS Consultant, application developer, information systems manager, web developer, project manager, systems architect, and database administrator.  All FSBM Management Information Systems majors are encouraged to join the Association of Management Information Systems (AMIS) and the Association of Computing Machinery (ACM).

Summary of Requirements

Students must meet College Graduation Requirements, including the requirements of the major listed below. MIS students must attain a 2.0 GPA in the major and a 2.0 cumulative GPA in order to graduate. Use the major GPA calculator at www.fox.temple.edu/advising  to calculate the GPA in the major.


Requirements of Management Information Systems Major

Required courses         
Department Course # Course Name Hours RCI
MIS 2101 Principles of Information Systems 3  
MIS 2501 Data Communications and Networking 4  
MIS 2502 Database Management 3  
MIS 3501 Object-oriented Programming I 4  
MIS 3502 Application Integration & Evaluation 3  
MIS  3503 User Interface Design 4  
MIS  3596   Business Process Analysis 3 WI
MIS  4596 Information Systems Implementation 3 WI
Select one MIS elective:   3-4  
MIS 3533 Electronic Commerce Site Design    
MIS 3534 Strategic Management of Information Technology    
MIS 3535 Managing Global Information Systems    
MIS 3580 Special Topics: Topics may change    
MIS 3581 Co-op Experience in MIS    
Select one:     3  
Economics 3563* International Trade    
Economics 3564* International Monetary Economics    
Subtotal       33-34  
* Economics 3563 or 3564 will satisfy the International requirement and the upper-level Economics requirement for the MIS major.  
** The technology requirement is filled by courses within the MIS major.  



A Minor in MIS provides undergraduate students the ability to specify, select, utilize, and apply Information Technology (IT) to their major field of study. The minor provides the skills and terminology needed to become an expert user of IT in the business world.


Who Should Do a Minor in MIS?

Business students will benefit from a minor in MIS, particularly majors in marketing, finance, accounting, health care, tourism/hospitality, and business management. The minor in MIS will position such students for jobs in business application areas, consulting positions, technical liaisons, and selling and acquisition of business software.


  • Improve the marketability of business students
  • Identify, select and evaluate technology solutions for business problems
  • Become a knowledgeable user of IT
  • Become the person in the organization who can successfully interact with and work with technology professionals

Courses Required:

  • MIS 2101.* Principles of Information Systems (also required for majors)
  • MIS 2502. Database Management (also required for majors)

Select one of:

  • MIS 2501. Data Communications and Networking
  • MIS 3596. Business Process Analysis
  • MIS 3533. Electronic Commerce Site Design
  • MIS 3534. Strategic Management of Information Technology
  • MIS 3535. Managing Global Information Systems

* Formerly known as MIS 0070/0085/0100


To take courses for the MIS minor you must first declare your intention to minor in MIS. If you are not a School of Business or Tourism student then you will also need to take the Business Minor.


Students who wish to earn a Certificate in MIS can do so by completing the same courses listed above. The Certificate does not require the completion of the Business Minor or the Business Studies Minor. Certificates are not listed on the Academic transcript.

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