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General College Graduation Requirements

Please see Academic Policies and Regulations. The following policies apply to all Ambler College students:

Academic Residency Requirements
All undergraduates must take 30 of their last 45 semester hours at Temple University. Community and Regional Planning majors must complete at least half of the courses required in the major at Temple. While candidates for a degree at Temple, students wishing to take academic work at another institution, either classroom or online courses offered during the regular year or in summer sessions, must have an advisor's prior approval before enrolling at the other institution. See Academic Policies and Regulations.

Courses Inapplicable to Graduation
Credits earned in the following courses are not applicable toward degrees awarded by Ambler College: Military Science (ROTC), ELECT, Russell Conwell Center (SRAP), and Mathematics 0015. For the Department of Landscape Architecture and Horticulture (LAH), Horticulture 1001, unless it is the student's first LAH course or part of a successful credit certificate, is not applicable toward degree credit.

Grades and Grade Point Average
To be awarded an Ambler College degree, students must have a cumulative grade point average of at least 2.0 and pass all Core courses with a C- or higher. In addition, Community and Regional Planning majors must pass every required Community and Regional Planning course with a C- or higher and have a cumulative average of at least 2.0 for all courses in the major. For degrees in Landscape Architecture and Horticulture, no more than one grade below a C- is allowed in any course in either Landscape Architecture or Horticulture.

Program Requirements

Planning a Program of Study
The information in the following requirements sections is designed to provide students with guidance in planning their program of study. The requirements, electives, and, in some cases, sequences are detailed. Courses are scheduled for students to follow the planned sequence. If students do not follow their program as designed, they may face conflicts or not have required prerequisites that will necessitate enrolling for additional semesters to complete their requirements.

If students enter a program after the freshman year, they must understand that their degree requirements may not be met within the traditional eight semesters (or four semesters for the Associate's degree). When students first meet with their academic advisor, they should plan how long it will take to complete their degree requirements.

Requirement Modifications
The requirements for the degrees are under continuing review and are, therefore, subject to modification. See the latest departmental degree requirements for any changes and meet with an advisor to ensure these changes are met.

Additional Notes

The total number of credit hours at graduation may be greater for some students based on initial placement exams, transfer evaluations, individual curricular choices, and academic progress.

Certain courses fulfill multiple requirements. In consultation with their academic advisor, students will be able to plan their curriculum more effectively.

Students must fulfill the necessary prerequisites for any given course or course sequence. See the Prerequisite and Co-requisite Policy in the University-wide Academic Policies section of this Bulletin.

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