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  Academic Programs / Social Administration

Academic Advising

Office of Admissions and Student Services
Ritter Annex 521

Academic professionals serve as academic advisors to social work majors. Early and regular contact with the advisor can be extremely helpful. The advisor is a knowledgeable person with whom students may discuss issues of concern in relation to university regulations, as well as course selection.  Services are provided through the Office of Student Services and Admissions.

Academic advisors attempt to avoid errors when advising students about their program requirements but schools and colleges cannot assume liability for errors in advising. Therefore, students must assume primary responsibility for knowing the requirements for their degree and for acquiring current information about their academic status.


New Career Ladders in Social Work

Ritter Annex - Fifth floor
215-204-8623 (Sande Gideon)

New Career Ladders is an alternative entry route to college for persons with demonstrated interest and motivation in the human services field and who meet the following criteria: 1) have been or are currently an employee or volunteer in a human service organization; 2) have a high school or GED diploma; and 3) are 22 years of age or older.

New Career Ladders students enter the undergraduate program leading to the degree of Bachelor of Social Work and are expected to meet all requirements of the curriculum. The resources of the University are available for tutoring and aid with study skills as well as for assistance in obtaining financial aid for those eligible.  All New Career Ladders students attend communication skills classes to aid in their transition to higher education.

Transfer Students from Schools Outside of Temple

Persons expecting to transfer to Temple's Undergraduate Social Work Program are urged to contact the School at 215-204-8623 for an appointment as soon as they have identified interest in this program. (See Undergraduate Admissions regarding transfer admissions.) Those who transfer more than 30 semester hours will begin their coursework with Social Work 0051, Helping Processes I, which is only offered in the fall.

Students who transfer from two-year associate degree programs in Human Services are expected to complete all professional courses as well as the Core Curriculum.

SW C121 and SW 0122 are offered in the summer for transfer students who have successfully completed SW 0051-0052 and have the necessary credits (85) and courses to enroll in Senior Seminar and Senior Practica (SW W285/0290 - W286/0291) in the fall. Students are expected to be majors in the program a minimum of two years and a summer.

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