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  Academic Programs / Engineering



Keya Sadeghipour, Dean
George Baran, Associate Dean for Research and Graduate Studies

Donald Heller, Assistant Dean for Finance and Operations
Steven Ridenour, Director of Undergraduate Studies
Walter Wolansky, Business Manager
Jennifer Fuges, Director of Development
Irvin Hutcherson, Director of Career Development

Civil and Environmental Engineering  

Sergio Serrano, Ph.D., University of Waterloo.

Associate Professor
Bechara Abboud, Ph.D., Drexel University, P.E.
Robert Brooks, Ph.D., University of California, P.E.
William C. Miller, Ph.D., University of Pennsylvania, P.E.
Frederick C. Schmitt, Ph.D., Drexel University, P.E.
Philip D. Udo-Inyang, Ph.D., University of Missouri, E.I.T.

Assistant Professor
Michael Boufadel, Ph.D., University of Cincinnati.
Adrienne Cooper, Ph.D., University of Florida.
Qiang He, Ph.D., University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

Civil & Environmental Engineering Industrial Advisory Committee

Leonard Bernstein, P.E., City of Philadelphia Water Department.
Thomas Bryan, Gilbane Building Company.
Joseph Campbell, Turner Construction Company.
George Cavallo, P.E., Gilbane Building Company.
Brian Cawley, Air Products and Chemical, Inc.
Dr. Charles W. Cook, R.S. Cook & Associates, Inc.
Lin Corsey, Turner Construction Company.
Ruben David, P.E., City of Phila., Capital Projects .
James R. Del Grosso, CUH2A, Inc.
Robert Evans, Gilbane Building Company.
Kenneth Eyre, Greeley and Hansen, Co-Chair.
Darryl Jenkins, Citizens Utilities and Water Co.
Stephen Jochum, Consultant.

James Kenny, United States Environmental Protection Agency.
Ronald Kernis, Hanscomb, Inc.
Linda Kramer, Philadelphia Water Dept.
Richard Kron, Patriot Construction Company.
Lester Levin, Consultant.
Victor Marcus, P.E., Consulting Engineer.
Christopher Menna, City of Phila., Department of Streets.
Scott Milliken, Gilbane Building Co.
Jeff Ogborn, Churchill Engineers and Planners.
Edward Pluciennik, P.E., Pennoni Associates.
Theodore L. Radzinski, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.
Allan Ritchie, P.E., REI Engineers.
Frank Russo, HNTB Corporation.
George Sholy, Consultant.
Pamela Stevens, Spotts, Stevens & McCoy, Inc.
Gregory Stewart, Gilbane Construction Company, Co-Chair.
William Thomsen, P.E., Urban Engineers.
Judson F. Vogdes III, P.E., General Building Contractors Assn.

Electrical and Computer Engineering

Brian Butz, Ph.D., Drexel University.
Sushil DasGupta, Ph.D., University of Wisconsin.
Musoke H. Sendaula, Ph.D., University of Connecticut, P.E.
Dennis A. Silage, Ph.D., University of Pennsylvania.
Thomas E. Sullivan, Ph.D., Pennsylvania State University.
Robert Yantorno, Ph.D., University of Pennsylvania.

Associate Professor
Saroj K. Biswas, Ph.D., University of Ottawa, Canada.
Zdenka Delalic, Ph.D., University of Pennsylvania.
John Helferty, Ph.D., Chair, Drexel University.

Assistant Professor
Li Bai, Ph.D., Drexel University.

Electrical and Computer Engineering Industrial Advisory Committee
Barney Alder, PECO Energy.
Sead Avdrovic, Boeing, Inc.
Brett Breslow, Bristol-Myers Squibb, Inc.
Thomas C. Chmieiewski, Jr., Sarnoff Labs.
Maria Regina Gibbs, Lockheed-Martin.
Kathy Jenkins, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center.
Cheryl Lightfoot, Merck & Company.
Fintan MacCormack, Kulicke & Soffa, Inc.
David Miller, Boeing Helicopters.
Mario Obeidat, Inter-Digital, Inc.
Hubert Riester, Ficher & Porter, Inc.
Dennis Rock, Boeing Helicopters Computing.
Mark Soffa, Kulicke & Soffa Industries.
David Schweitzer, Allegro Microsystems, Inc.
John Taylor, Universal Space Network.
Sidney V. Worth, C.W. Industries.
David Wurzel, Cardiac Systems, Inc.
Richard Zambito Sr., Northrup-Grumman Corp. 

Mechanical Engineering

George Baran, Ph.D., University of Michigan.
M. Robert Baren, Ph.D., University of Pennsylvania.
Shih-Juin Chen, Ph.D., Chair, Drexel University.
Mohammad F. Kiani, Ph.D., Louisiana State University.
Keya Sadeghipour, Ph.D., University of Manchester.
Steven Ridenour, D.A.E., University of Miami, P.E.

Associate Professor
LeRoy Alaways, Ph.D., University of California-Davis.  
Richard S. Cohen, Ph.D., Princeton University, P.E.
Vallorie Peridier, Ph.D., Lehigh University.

Assistant Professor
Soumitra Basu, Ph.D., University of Windsor.
Parsaoran Hutapea, Ph.D., North Carolina State University.

Mechanical Engineering Industrial Advisory Committee

Madina Alharazim, Amtrak.
Marco Amone, Enser Corporation.
Dereck Baker, Carter Hayes Associates.
George Barrett, Boeing Defense and Space Group.
Daniel Cassidy, Ortho-McNeil Pharmaceutical Inc.
Michael Cook, Faiveley Rail Inc.
Michael Cunningham, Philadelphia Water Department.
Samuel Doughty, Ph.D., Naval Surface Warfare Center.
Robert Desaro, Energy Research Company.
Janet Edwards, Naval Ship Systems Engineering Station.
Michael Grady, Naval Ship Systems.
Ulrich Joseph, P.E., McNeil Pharmaceutical.
Kenneth Hill, Retired, Sunoco.
Paul McCoy, Aventis U.S. Inc.
John Pardekooper, Siemens Building Automation.
David Paul, Globus Medical, Inc.
Darrell Scales, Lockheed Martin Inc.
Walter Jeffrey Shakespeare, T-Networks.
Michael Smedley, Trigen Trenton Energy Company.
Ming-Shyong Tsay, FUTAI, Inc.
James Valenti, Armstrong World Industries.
Gregory White, Fairway Shopping Center.

Emeritus Faculty

Edward F. Cahoon
Robert H. Creamer
Alvin T. Greenspan
Robert M. Haythornthwaite
Donald Humphreys
Richard Klafter
John L. Rumpf
Victor Schutz
Theodore P. Vassallo
Thomas Ward
F. Stanton Woerth

Associate Professor
Raymond D. Fidler
Alma K. Forman
Theodore Green
Joseph A Hrusovsky
Thomas Reeves

Assistant Professor
Leroy Green
George W. Mackey
Ross Nickel

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