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Science and Technology

An understanding of the methods, values, and impact of scientific and technological issues is crucial in developing an awareness of the forces that affect life in contemporary society. Core Science and Technology courses are designed to address these concerns.

Requirement: A sequence of one first-level (SA) course and one second-level (SB) course from these lists.

The proper sequences of Science and Technology courses are indicated by numbers in the lists. The first-level (SA) courses are numbered (1) through (25). Following each second-level (SB) course is the number of credits it carries and then, in parentheses, the number or numbers of SA course(s) it can follow. Examples: 1) A student who has taken Biology C070 (#1) as an SA course may take as an SB course Anthropology C055, any of the Biology SB courses except H094, and any of the SB courses that can follow any SA course (labeled "1-25"). 2) Someone who plans to take Anthropology C055 as an SB course must first take Biology C070, C071, C083, or H093 as the SA course.

Students should not take an SB course unless an appropriate prerequisite SA course has been completed with a grade of C- or higher.

Transferring Science and Technology courses into Temple

It is preferable that transfer students completing the whole Core, especially from community colleges with which Temple has transfer course equivalency agreements, take science and technology courses equivalent to Temple courses and in sequences matching Temple's Core sequences. Nevertheless, students who transfer in a science/technology course or courses not equivalent to Temple Core courses, or not consistent with Temple Core sequences, have satisfied the Core Science/Technology requirement if by graduation they have credit for two courses (at least 6 credits) in the natural sciences, at least one of which has a laboratory or demonstration component. An unusual sequence of transfer courses may be accepted with the approval of the student's advisor and the Assistant Vice Provost for First Year and Transfer Programs. This policy applies only to courses brought into Temple in transfer, or to combinations of courses in which at least one course was brought in by transfer, not to two courses taken here. This policy applies only to the Core Science and Technology requirement, not to departmental, collegial, or other curricular requirements. (This policy was effective as of May 1995 and is retroactive.)

Transfer students with 45 or more transfer credits meet the science requirement of the 45+ Transfer Core:  One course in the natural sciences with a laboratory component (Biology, Botany, Chemistry, Geology, Physics, or interdisciplinary science); or a direct transfer equivalent of a Temple Core "Science/Technology A" course; or if taken at Temple, a Core "SA" course with a lab - see note for lab information in course description. (3-4 credits)

Note: Core courses no longer offered by departments have been removed from this list, but students who took them will receive Core credit, as indicated in their DARS document. Questions about Core courses can be answered by the Office of the Vice Provost for Undergraduate Studies.

Sequence Course # Course Name Credits
1 C070 Foundations of Biology 4
2 C071 Human Biology 4
3 C083 General Biology I 4
4 H093 Honors General Biology I 4
5 C101 General Botany 4
6 C051 Chemistry: The Study of Matter I 4
7 C061/C063 Introduction to Chemistry I 3/1
8 C065 Our Microscopic Universe 4
9 C071/C073 General Chemistry I 3/1
10 C081/C083 General Chemical Science I 3/1
11 H091/H093 Honors General Chemistry I 3/1
12 C050 Introduction to Geology 4
13 H090 Honors Introduction to Geology 4
Kinesiology (was Physical Education)      
14 C100 Human Anatomy and Physiology I 4
15 C053 Physics: Matter and Motion 4
16 C055 Light, Art, and Nature 4
17 C065 Our Microscopic Universe 4
18 C067 Acoustics 3
19 C081 Introductory Engineering Physics I 4
20 C083 College Physics I 4
21 C085 Introduction to General Physics I 4
22 C087 Elementary Classical Physics I 4
23 H091 Honors Physics: Matter and Motion 4
24 H092 Honors Light, Art, and Nature 4
25 H093 Fundamental Physics Honors Seminar I 4

Course # Course Name Credits (SA courses)
SECOND LEVEL (SB) COURSES AND CREDITS, with appropriate SA courses in parentheses      
American Studies      
H193 Technology and American Culture 3 (1-25)
C055 Fundamentals of Biological Anthropology 4 (1-4) 
C072 Ecosystems 4 (1-3)
C073 Applied Biology 3 (1-2)
C074 Plants, Food, and World Hunger 3 (1-3)
C075 Human Heredity 4 (1-2)
C080 Human Development 4 (1-3)
C084 General Biology II 4 (1-3)
C085 Marine Biology 4 (1-3)
H094 Honors General Biology II 4 (4)
C203 Plant Physiology 4 (5)
C052 Chemistry: Study of Matter II 4 (6)
C062/C064 Introduction to Chemistry II 3/1 (7)
C072/C074 General Chemistry II 3/1 (9)
C082/C084 General Chemical Science II 3/1 (10)
H092/H094 Honors General Chemical Science II 3/1 (11)
Computer and Information Sciences      
C055 Computers and Applications 4 (1-25)
H095 Honors Computers and Applications 4 (1-25) 
Electrical Engineering      
C020 Evolution of Modern Electronic Systems 3 (1-25)
C050 Science and Technology: Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow 3 (1-25)
C054 Technology and You 3 (1-25) 
Environmental Engineering Technology      
C010 Introduction to the Environment 3 (1-25) 
Environmental Studies      
C052 Introduction to the Physical Environment 4 (12)
Geography and Urban Studies      
C052 Introduction to the Physical Environment 4 (12)
H092 Honors Introduction to the Physical Environment 4 (13)
C051 Catastrophic Geology 4 (12, 13)
C057 Evolution 4 (12, 13)
C062 Climate Change: Oceans to Atmosphere 4 (12, 13)
C077 Perspective on Energy 4 (12, 13)
C081 Environmental Resources 4 (12, 13) 
C236 Soils 3 (5)
Kinesiology (was Physical Education)      
C101 Anatomy and Physiology II 4 (14)
Music Studies      
C315 Computers in Musical Applications 3 (15, 18, or 23)
C077 Science in Context 3 (1-25)
H097 Honors Science in Context 3 (1-25) 
C054 Physics: Waves and Modern Physics 4 (15 or 18)
C056 Introduction to Astronomy 4 (15, 16, or 18)
C082 Introductory Engineering Physics II 4 (19)
C084 College Physics II 4 (20)
C086 Introduction to General Physics II 4 (21)
C088 Elementary Classical Physics II 4 (22)
H094 Fundamental Physics Honors Seminar II 4 (25)
H096 Honors Introduction to Astronomy 4 (15, 16, or 23)

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