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International Studies or Language

Developing an awareness and understanding of cultures other than one's own is a fundamental component of a liberal education. In the International Studies or Language area of the Core students study a language other than English, study cultures outside the United States, combine language study and International Studies courses, or study abroad.

Requirement: Students matriculating at Temple for the first time in the fall of 1996 and after satisfy the requirement with any one of the options listed below.

Note: Core courses no longer offered by departments have been removed from this list, but students who took them will receive Core credit, as indicated in their DARS document. Questions about the past, present, or future Core status of a course can be answered by the Core and Transfer Office.

Students who entered Temple before the fall of 1996 satisfy the Language or International Studies requirement in effect at the time they first matriculated.

Bachelor of Arts candidates in the College of Liberal Arts and College of Science and Technology are required by their college to complete both a language requirement and an International Studies course requirement. See Bachelor of Arts Requirements in those Colleges' sections of this Bulletin.

The first, second, and third levels of all basic language study are numbered 0051, 0052, and C061, respectively (except in Critical Languages).

For the purposes of meeting this Core requirement, placing into a course through Temple's language placement exam indicates satisfactory completion of the previous level (for example, a student who has placed into C061 is considered to have completed 0052).


● Language option: Successful completion of the third semester (C061 or Critical Languages equivalent) of a language. (Students whose native language is not English may fulfill this requirement by treating English as a foreign language and should see their advisers about the ways to do this.)
● International Studies option: Successful completion of two three-credit courses from the list below, at least one of which is a designated Non-Western/Third World course (indicated in the list by an asterisk [*]).
● Combination option: Successful completion of the second semester (0052 or the Critical Languages equivalent) of a language and one three-credit International Studies course from the list below.
● Study abroad option: Students may substitute an approved study abroad experience for one or both of the Core International Studies courses. Such programs as Temple University Rome, Temple University Japan, Temple in West Africa, the School of Communications and Theater program in London, the Latin American Studies Semester, and approved summer programs qualify as approved substitutes. Students who wish to fulfill their International Studies requirement with a study abroad program should inquire about this in the academic advising center of their school or college. See International Programs and Study Abroad for information on Temple's and other study abroad programs.


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