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Welcome from the President

What is this Undergraduate Bulletin? Yes, it’s a listing of courses, a description of academic programs and degree requirements, and general information about the services and programs Temple offers.

But it’s much more than that. The Bulletin is a reflection of Temple University’s breadth and depth: 17 undergraduate and graduate colleges, 149 undergraduate majors as well as 45 undergraduate minors and 42 concentrations. And more: a world-wide roster of places where Temple offers undergraduate courses: on campuses in Italy and Japan and Great Britain and in programs in Brazil, Costa Rica, France, Germany, Ghana, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Scotland, and Spain.

And still more: the Bulletin is a doorway into the wonders of human knowledge—more than 4,500 opportunities to learn about everything from accounting to wind instruments.

The Bulletin is a guide for the Core Curriculum requirements and completing a major. If you don’t hesitate to browse further, you will find something fascinating, something unknown, something enjoyable, something provocative that you could dip into during your college years.

The Undergraduate Bulletin: A map to get you where you want to go, and a glimpse of side roads to learning advantages you didn’t imagine. Appreciate it.

David Adamany

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