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University Writing Program

Eli Goldblatt, Director
(215) 204-1868
Vanessa Allen-Smith, Secretary
(215) 204-1792
website: http://www.temple.edu/english/uwp.html

The University Writing Program combines an entrance-level introduction to academic discourse with writing courses in the disciplines at every level to provide Temple students a comprehensive experience writing to learn and learning to write. The main components of the program are: 

  • First-Year Writing: See College of Liberal Arts: Programs: First Year Writing Program
  • Intellectual Heritage: See College of Liberal Arts: Programs: Intellectual Heritage
  • Writing Intensive Courses: These courses, offered by departments throughout the University, incorporate a significant amount of writing (at least 10 pages in at least 2 different assignments) within the context of disciplinary work. They highlight the conventions and argumentation accepted in the discipline, and they require at least one revision based on response from a professor, TA, writing associate, or peer-reviewer. Temple students who spend their entire college career at Temple are required to take 3 Writing-Intensive courses in addition to Intellectual Heritage 51 and 52. One of the W courses must be the capstone writing course designated by the major department. All students transferring into Temple must take at least two of their Writing-Intensive courses at Temple. Intellectual Heritage courses cannot be used to meet this transfer writing requirement. 
  • University Writing Center: See Academic Services and Programs: Learning Centers: University Writing Center