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The University Writing Center
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The University Writing Center 

Lori Salem, Director 
Eli Goldblatt, Faculty Co-director

Locations and Hours: 

Main Campus 

Hours: Monday Ė Thursday 8:30 am - to 8:30 pm
Friday, 8:30 am to 4:30 pm 

Saturday 10:00 am Ė 4:00 pm

201 Tuttleman Learning Center 
(215) 204-0700

Ambler Campus

Call (215) 283-1347 for hours
204 Bright Hall

The University Writing Center provides services to students and faculty across the University and to the surrounding community. These services include tutoring, technology, a computer classroom, a resource library, workshops, and seminars. Many of these services, including tutoring, are accessible online through the Centerís Website. All services are free-of-charge to Temple students and faculty. Tutoring services are offered on a drop-in basis or by appointment. 

Center staff include faculty, graduate students, and advanced undergraduates from a variety of fields and disciplines, including English, Education, and Honors. All are selected based on their demonstrated writing ability and teaching aptitude. Staff participate in regular professional development sessions. 

Services to Students 

Students can work one-on-one or in small groups with Center staff on writing being done for any course. They may also bring writing being done outside of coursework. Center staff work with students at any stage of a writing project. They encourage students to focus on specific aspects of their writing, such as organization, sentence clarity, or paragraph structure. Writing Center staff cannot edit studentsí papers for them. 

Students can also use the Centerís computer laboratory for help at any point in a writing project. They can use desktop publishing software to write and print papers; to plan, outline, revise, edit, and proofread; to format and generate bibliographies and citations. The lab is connected to the Internet; students may access the Web and all library research facilities. Help is available for using these technologies. The lab also includes hardware and software designed to assist students with disabilities. 

The Center maintains an interactive website . Students can download materials, meet with other writers online, and access online reference materials. Tutoring via the Internet is available through the Centerís website. Students can get responses to their writing within 24 hours via e-mail. 

Services to Faculty 

Faculty can use the Center to offer in-class workshops. They can use the Centerís resource library to support teaching writing and writing-intensive courses. They can reserve the Centerís computer classroom to introduce information technology into a writing-intensive course. 

Faculty teaching a writing or writing-intensive course can request a workshop on a wide variety of topics. Center staff tailor each workshop to the assignments and student needs identified by the faculty member. Each workshop is "hands on." To request a workshop, faculty can call the Center or access the Centerís website. 

The Center maintains an extensive library of resource materials. Faculty can request books and articles related to the teaching of writing in the disciplines. The Centerís Website offers resources organized by course. 

Faculty teaching writing-intensive courses are invited to request use of the Centerís state of the art computer classroom. This 27-station classroom is organized in a seminar style, with access to projection and to the Internet. Faculty can use software that facilitates collaboration, revision, peer response to work in progress, and online discussion groups. Technical support for faculty using this facility is also available. 


As an arm of the University Writing Program, the Center is involved in a variety of projects that reach across and beyond the University. 

Together with the Writing Program and CITE, the Center sponsors a Writing Associates program. Writing Associates are specially selected upper-division undergraduates carefully trained to work as peer tutors with students in first-year writing courses. This project provides extra support to students struggling with the challenges of University demands and supports the professional development of students who plan to become teachers. 

In collaboration with the College of Education, the Center offers a variety of internship experiences to graduate and undergraduate students, especially to TESOL students. Masters and Doctoral students in the TESOL program work with the large number of students using the Center whose first language is other than English.