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Database Accounts

A Temple web site hosted on the Web Complex is eligible for a SQL Database account on Temple's central SQL database server. This request has to be approved by Computer Services who reserves all approval rights.

To request a SQL database, please submit a request at http://tuhelp.temple.edu. This request has to be made by the department head. Please send the following information along with your request:

Department Name:
Department web site:
Department Head Name:
Department Head Phone Number:
Purpose of use:

Once the request is approved by Computer Services please allow 7-10 business days for your account. A confirmation email will be send to the department head once the account is created.

You will need Microsoft SQL Enterprise Manager or Microsoft Access to connect to the database. Using MS Access to connect to a SQL database is limited to basic functionality. Computer Services recommends using SQL Enterprise Manger for full functionality. Visit Computer Business Services for purchasing information.
(Software Name: Microsoft SQL Server 2000 Developer's Edition)

Support for SQL Database accounts:

If you already have a SQL database account :

Click here for SQL Enterprise Manager connection information.

Click here for Microsoft Access 2003 connection information.

Please note that all SQL database accounts come with limited support from Computer Services. Support is limited to account creation and server reliability. Any questions regarding creating, updating, modifying SQL databases are soul responsibility of the account holder. Computer Services will not be responsible for data backups or any other support issues.


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