An ethnographic study of the uneasy partnership between a community and corporate industry


Farms, Mines, and Main Streets

Uneven Development in a Dakota County

Caroline S. Tauxe

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Links between the global and the local economy secure the chain of events in this ethnographic study of Mercer County, North Dakota, an agricultural and mining district that embraced "progress" when faced with economic decline.

Caroline S. Tauxe explores social, political, and economic transformations—and tradeoffs—that occurred during an industrial boom and its aftermath between 1978 and 1991. Although they gained new businesses, increased population, and a modernized infrastructure, Mercer County residents relinquished local control and autonomy.


1. Linking the Global and the Local
2. A Century of Transformation
3. Currents in Political Culture
4. Lowering the Energy Boom
5. The Politics of Planning
6. Living with Development
7. Patterns of Power: Changes in Political Economy
8. The Price of Progress


About the Author(s)

Caroline S. Tauxe is a visiting scholar in the Department of Anthropology at Cornell University.

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Urban Studies

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