Cuban observations and analysis of U.S. elections and political parties


Political Parties and Elections in the United States

Jose Marti, edited by Philip S. Foner, translated by Elinor Randall

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"Anything that Philip Foner writes is worth reading for its clarity, scholarship, and honesty. His editing of the writings of Jose Marti is a fine accomplishment. Marti is a giant in the story of the Americas...."
Carleton Beak

Cuban writer and patriot Josť Marti (1853-1895) published numerous articles on U.S. politics in the Latin American press. The ten articles in this volume chronicle Martiís observations and analysis of U.S. elections and political parties.

About the Author(s)

Philip S. Foner is Professor Emeritus of History, Lincoln University.

Elinor Randall is a noted translator of Spanish literature. Together they have published five volumes of Jose Martiís writings in English.

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Political Science and Public Policy


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