Ten original essays describe and analyze an educational experiment


Sisterhood and Solidarity

Workers' Education for Women, 1914-1984

Mary Frederickson and Joyce L. Kornbluh

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Ten original essays describe and analyze an educational experiment in which industrial, clerical, and service workers participated with educators, feminists, and social workers. Among the sponsors of these educational programs for women workers were the National Women's Trade Union League, unions of predominantly female workers, independent workers' education organizations, the YWCA, Bryn Mawr College, and the New Deal

Rich in documentary materials from program archives, this book records how these nontraditional programs encouraged women workers to use their experiences with rural life, factory routine, and strikes to learn union skills and an understanding of the American economic system. Overcoming barriers of race, class, and region, these educational experiments are most notable as a widespread and sustained effort to empower women workers.

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Labor Studies and Work
Women's Studies


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