Young children dance their way through the alphabet, learning as they play


Alphabet Movers

Illustrated by Robert Bender

Teresa Benzwie

paper EAN: 978-1-93079-808-3 (ISBN: 1-930798-08-3)
$16.95, Nov 10, Available
32 pp 8.5x11

Children learn best through movement and play, and the delightful, colorful Alphabet Movers inspires kids to shape letters with their bodies while dancing from A to Z. Using movement-rich words, like bounce and climb, children are encouraged to create a dance with a specific letter or to jump, hop, leap, and skip from letter to letter to spell words and have fun.

Distributed by Temple University Press for Teresa Benzwie


"An excellent resource for teachers and parents -- and loads of fun for kids. Benzwie uses movement, song and rhyme to teach young children the alaphabet. Children can instinctively create, perform, and respond to language through movement which builds strong pathways to learning. Easy and fun to use at home or in play groups, early childhood programs, nursery schools, or elementary education classrooms. Kids learn better through movement and kinesthetic learning. Highly Recomended!"
— Books Galore, Washington, DC.

About the Author(s)

Teresa Benzwie, EdD, has earned graduate degrees in Early Childhood Education, Dance Education, and Clinical Social Work. She is a former kindergarten teacher and international presenter in the use of creative movement. Dr. Benzwie is a licensed clinical social worker in private practice at the Center for Creative Change and mentors Temple University dance students as part of the Teresa Benzwie Dance in Education Grant. She is the author of A Moving Experience (book and video), More Moving Experiences, and Numbers on the Move.

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