A "New Labor History" of the contours of working-class cultures in antebellum Philadelphia


Working People of Philadelphia, 1800-1850

Bruce Laurie

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"A valuable portrait of the craftsmen, journeymen, factory hands, and laborers in a major industrial city during the antebellum period. Focuses well on working conditions and on the workingman's religious and community life."
The New Leader


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"A fresh and generally persuasive analysis of the dynamics of the American working class in a formative period of American industrialization, an analysis that transcends the boundaries of labor organizations toward a broader social and economic perspective. It deserves close attention."
Winterthur Portfolio

"Bruce Laurie's illumination of the contours of working class culture in antebellum Philadelphia is a tour de force in the rapidly maturing literature of the 'new' social history...."
Pennsylvania History



Part I: The Work Setting, 1800-1850
1. The Sources of Industrial Diversity

Part II: The Forging of Working-Class Cultures, 1820-1837
2. Revivalists: The Militias of Christ
3. Traditionalists: "The Boys of Pleasure"
4. Radicals: Thomas Paine's Progeny
5. "We Are All Day Laborers": The General Trades' Union of the City and County of Philadelphia, 1833-1837

Part III: Hard Times, 1837-1844
6. "The Uses of Adversity"

Part IV: Years of Discord, 1845-1850
7. Workers at Bay
8. Varieties of Radicalism

Part V: Epilogue
9. Radicalism United and Divided



About the Author(s)

Bruce Laurie is Professor and Director of the History Institute, University of Massachusetts, Amherst.

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Labor Studies and Work
Philadelphia Region


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